Selenium Testing: Pros and Cons

Selenium Testing

Previously, QA teams used to go through hundreds of test scenarios and reenacted them on all benchmarked browsers. It took them hours and hours to flag what failed and to trace the cause of the flaw.

Before Selenium, testing teams spent myriads of time checking a web browser’s ins and outs for its local development condition to achieve its functionality. Today’s testing techniques are more advanced with automation. Any test case can be completed in as little as 2 to 4 hours. If you would like to keep track of your tests, consider utilizing a test case template.

Testers can now use advanced, automated platforms like Selenium to deliver new applications with bug-free launches in a particular time frame resulting in better project deployment handling linear and replicable testing.

However, below is a closer look at Selenium automated testing, selenium salesforce testing, with its pros and cons, how the framework makes successful testing possible, and how it blends into today’s rapid introduction of different pathways.

What Exactly is Selenium?

Selenium is an open-source web browser automation platform. It offers a single GUI for writing application code in several programming languages, including Python, Perl, NodeJS, Java, Ruby, and C#. A browser-driver then executes the scripts on the web.

Selenium runs on a web driver, also defined as Selenium 2.0, run test cases using browser-specific engines. Since Selenium is an open-source tool, testers prefer using it for salesforce testing. But there is a catch to it.

Sale force Selenium

In terms of Automation Selenium Salesforce allows you to simplify and drive tests in the web scenario. It is an obvious choice for Salesforce since it runs in the browser.

Although Selenium ticks many boxes upfront for teams looking to automate their Salesforce evaluations, many people find it takes more time to set up and maintain than they intend due to code writing. With Salesforce Selenium, QA teams prefer more straightforward and codeless solutions.

API Selenium

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Via bindings, testers can convert test scripts written in Ruby, Java, Python, or C# to Selenese (Selenium’s programming language). The API and language-specific bindings are stored in the library.

After the basics of Selenium, it is now time for the brief ‘Pros and Cons’ section.

Pros of Selenium


Selenium isn’t the only free automation testing tool available, but it can only cope with premium services. Selenium’s accessible status makes it a low-cost entry point for startups and independent developers searching for a tool with a steep learning curve.

Integrates Agile Workflows

Before testers even put these terms into motion, Selenium was embracing the Agile and DevOps narrative. Selenium’s entire design aligns well with the core concepts of Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Deployment.

  1. Selenium offers unrivaled versatility since it is versatile across all platforms and does not necessitate learning new languages.
  2. Selenium works well with a variety of development frameworks, including Jenkins, TestNG, Maven and others.

Cons of Selenium

The Learning Curve is Steep

Codeless testing is one of today’s automated testing patterns. This method enables everyone with a clear understanding of coding to run experiments.

Testers also can write the scripts and receive thorough input, but the coding portion can be skipped if necessary. Selenium doesn’t allow codeless. To use its services with codeless functionality, testers can use codeless automated tools like Accelq.

Only Web-based Applications

This one is more of a restriction than a drawback, but it is still worth mentioning. Since Selenium can’t identify the artifacts in desktop apps, it can’t be used to automate desktop device testing.

It’s only meant for testing web apps with the different browsers mentioned above. To evaluate your web apps, you’ll need to use either a different tool like WinAppDriver or uAppDriver.

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