Six Plus Size Fashion Ideas You’ll Love

Six Plus Size Fashion Ideas You'll Love

Plus-sized goddesses get heaps of unsolicited advice about styling and shaping their curves which usually doesn’t work. Imagine, if you had a dollar for every piece of unwanted advice that comes your way, you’d have a stellar wardrobe by now!

But sadly, this unsolicited advice is never enriching; instead, it drains us of our confidence, joy, and pride. Navigating the fashion industry with voluptuous curves is never easy. Thankfully in recent years, retailers and manufacturers are paying more attention to the styling needs of curvaceous goddesses. You can find more variety in tailoring, fabrics, and styles to flaunt your curves with prideful confidence.

The struggle is real, as most plus-sized fashionistas fail to shed off the layers and chose to flaunt their curves. We’ve compiled a series of fabulous fashion ideas to help you reclaim your power while flaunting your curves with pride.

Here, take a look:

1.    Invest in Quality Shapewear

Most plus-sized goddesses are busy cloaking their curves in layers to cover their assets. That’s a terrible mistake and an injustice to your curvature. Luckily, you can overcome this issue by investing in quality shapewear. Your busty assets need firm support and structure to accentuate that waistline and play up your curvature. Happily, Prima Donna Orlando bra, the best-selling bra in the world, is now available.

Toss out those hideously oversized non-supportive bras that don’t create a structured appeal. It’s time to invest in quality shapewear that’ll lift your bust, highlight your waist, and offer firm support. Understanding the right size is crucial for finding the right fit that flatters your form.

Investing in form-flattering plus size shapewear will empower you with the confidence needed to flaunt whatever you like. It will give your curves and bust that much-needed structure and lift to make your confidence soar. Steer clear of triangular bra straps and prioritize shapewear that gives you a strategic lift.

Nude is a spectacular color to invest in versatile shapewear that works well with every skin tone and color palette. Be sure to take the correct measurements to find the proper support for your bust and underwear.

2.    Flaunting the Right Fabrics

Identifying suitable fabrics that flatter your form is crucial to create a wardrobe that you can genuinely enjoy. Do you like the stretchy consistency of polyester? Or perhaps, you prefer the well-fitting stretchiness of cotton-elastane blends?

Many plus-sized goddesses gravitate towards stretchy fabrics and bodycon fits to create a structured appeal. However, not all stretchy fabrics work for every body type. It’s crucial to experiment with blends and find the materials that define your form better.

3.    Embracing the Right Silhouettes

Styling is all about identifying elements and trends that flatter your body shape and bring out the best in your curvature. When choosing a fitting silhouette for your body, there are no hard and fast rules. Ignore all advice and comments that restrict plus-sized women from wearing certain styles and silhouettes.

Flaunt whatever makes you feel confident and sexy. If you need some advice, consider exploring empire line silhouettes and dresses to emphasize your thighs and waistline. An empire line silhouette will help boost your confidence by accentuating your waist and playing upon your curves.

Similarly, bodycon fits are incredibly form-flattering, but many apple-shaped fashionistas tend to avoid them. You can enjoy a sleek bodycon fit by pairing it up with the right shapewear that adds structure to your curves.

You see, it all boils down to flaunting silhouettes that empower you with confidence and flatter your inner goddess.

4.    Accessorize with an Agenda

Accessories are loud and bold seals of perfection to jazz up your outfit with bling! As a plus-sized fashionista, you can use accessories to your advantage in turning attention away from areas that diminish your confidence.

For instance, suppose you’re an apple-shaped goddess with a gently protruding muffin top that keeps you from flaunting your skin. In that case, you can add a chunky statement belt to play up your jumpsuits and sheath dress with bold energy.

Let’s suppose you want to drive attention away from your bust. In that case, adding chunky layers of necklaces will play up your blouses and dresses with a feminine charm.

It’s all about using accessories strategically to drive attention towards areas that inspire confidence and hiding areas you aren’t proud of at the moment. Use sharply tailored tote bags to refine your lady boss vibes with structured finesse.

There’s something unbelievably charming and sexy about a sharply tailored designer tote, paired with sleek black pumps. It’s the perfect seal of chic for an outfit that makes heads turn no matter where you go!

5.    Play up the Prints & Patterns

Do you shy away from flaunting animal prints and colorful patterns? If yes, then you’re missing out on an exciting world of vibrant energy and sensual playfulness. It’s crucial to mix up your wardrobe with an eclectic variety of patterns and prints that pop.

Chunky and highly detailed patterns are amazingly flattering for plus-sized goddesses. They will give your outfit zesty energy and a timeless seal of elegance. We urge you to invest in leopard prints, zebra stripes, snakeskin patterns, polka dots, gingham, and Breton stripes, amongst others.

There’s an exciting world of patterns out there, and the chunkier, the more flattering for your form. Large and chunky prints are a voguishly chic trick to make a bold statement without making an effort. You can invest in printed maxi dresses to flaunt the fierce, curve-enveloping energy of animal prints and floral patterns.

6.    Embrace your Body

Here’s the last and most significant piece of advice: learn to love and embrace your body. If you’re shrouding your curves in loose and lanky, maternity-style dresses, that’s injustice against yourself. You are letting your fear get the best of you and denying yourself an exciting world of trends and styles.

It’s crucial to surround yourself with positivity and follow plus-size influencers who can inspire your confidence. Embracing and loving your body requires you to channel self-love and confidence. And self-love is much more than finding the right fabric, silhouette, or dress. It’s a dedicated effort to take pride in your curves and flaunt your body with confidence and pride.

Ultimately, embracing form-flattering shapewear, silhouettes and fabrics will help you love and celebrate your curves.


Putting together a style-savvy and versatile wardrobe demands you to get comfortable with your curves. Understanding your sizing needs is crucial to invest in form-flattering dresses and silhouettes. We advise you to get started by grabbing a measuring tape and finding the right fit to flatter your curvature.

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