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Stainless Steel Work Table – A Universal Tool For Professional Cooking

Stainless Steel Work Table

A stainless steel work table is a top-quality product with a combination of several functional areas. The choice of stainless steel for the production of surfaces for processing food is not accidental. It is resistant to food acids, does not absorb food aromas, is durable and easy to clean. This allow can withstand constant moisture and temperature changes. The table can be welded, with a frame on a pipe or a corner – the choice of materials depends on the load on the finished product.

Stainless steel work tables – use in work

A flat and smooth stainless steel table is easy to clean, repels odors, contributes to the convenience and dynamics of the work process, whether it is the kitchen of a small restaurant or a large production workshop. The base of the constuction is a frame and a table top. However, all table options of restaurant equipment may have useful additions:

  • a polypropylene board;
  • a wavy surface;
  • a sink;
  • an edge;
  • shelves.

The wavy surface of the tabletop will be appropriate when processing fish. You can put ice on the tabletop, which will maintain the optimal temperature. Even after cleaning, the fish will remain fresh and retain its marketable appearance. The limiter along the wall prevents products from rolling onto the floor and dirt drops from falling onto the walls.

The size of the tabletop is selected individually, based on the size of the room. In practice, it is more convenient if all the cooks of the workshop have access to the table. The design of the stainless steel work table is very convenient if free space is limited. The empty space below can be filled with steel freezers, shelves for tools, cabinets and other tables.

Criteria of a good restaurant stainless steel table

Since the process of processing meat, fish and other products is primary, i.e. involves the arrival of the product from the zero cycle, the place for this process must be organized correctly. Here are the main requirements for choosing kitchen equipment for these purposes:

  • The construction must be made only of food-grade stainless steel AISI-304, as the blood of meat and fish contains substances capable of oxidizing steel to an irreversible state.
  • In the design of the element, it should be possible to cut a hole for collecting waste.
  • Table tops should be zoned: an area with a polyethylene table top for chopping meat or an area with perforations for cleaning fish.
  • The washing section should be stamped for maximum area sanitation.

Stainless steel work tables meet all the above rules. There are different types of desks for professional using, including models for washing the dishes, cutting mean and fish, storing the kitchen supply, and others.

Where can the stainless steel table be essential?

Restaurant stainless steel table are useful in a variety of cases:

  • For catering establishments. This is the traditional purpose of the steel table.
  • For restaurants, cafes, bars, and hotels.
  • For food plants and packaging lines. It is desirable that different work surfaces are purchased for fish, vegetables and meat.
  • For retail outlets where food products are sold.
  • For workshops engaged in the preparation of dinners, semi-finished products and pastries. Moreover, the table for processing the food should not be used for other purposes. It is necessary to provide additional work surfaces for finishing dishes.

Thereby, a stainless steel work table is a universal instrument for a professional kitchen, which suits all the standards of working with food, has a long service life and is reasonably priced. This will be a definitely profitable solution for your business!

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