Styling Ideas For Men and Belt Types

In today’s time, belts are regarded as necessary accessories for dressing appropriately. In terms of clothing, these have a dual purpose. Mens belt keep a pair of trousers in place and provide a wonderful touch to the overall look. Your clothing is visually made better with the proper belt. It’s a classic men’s accessory that serves as the finishing touch and signifies a well-dressed gentleman. On the other hand, the inappropriate belt draws unnecessary attention to your midsection and leaves you feeling self-conscious.

Different types of belts and how to style them

A plethora of different styles of DNA Belt for every occasion is something you’ll find in every sharply dressed man’s wardrobe. The kind of belt you select is imperative as it speaks volumes about your dressing sense and style. Choosing the right piece, whether formal or casual, is important to complete the look. Men’s belts can be used to divide your body and create the illusion of an attractive shape. Choose a contrasting tone to your attire for a well-balanced look when striving for proportion. Today, the fashion industry has come a long way, with unlimited options by way of accessories.

1.    Formal belts

  • Formals belts often come with soft, thin, sleek metal straps and have a small, flat gold or silver finished frame-style buckle.
  • Black and brown belts are perennial favorites, and every man must own a belt in these colors. The colors stay on the earthy side of the spectrum and complement various outfits.
  • Regardless of the color of the belt, the traditional framed buckle in matte stainless steel keeps the look understated and low-key. Just make sure the color of the metal frame doesn’t clash with the color of your watch strap.
  • Style them seamlessly with suits or dress slacks for formal occasions. A famous formal belt is a cumberbund, a pleated cloth belt typically worn with a tuxedo. Shoes men leather shoes go very well with a black leather belt.

2.    Fabric belts

  • Fabric belts are the way to go if you want to play around with colors and textures and give that extra oomph.
  • They are simple to apply and maintain, adding a splash of color to your ensemble.
  • The most common fabric belts are canvas and cloth belts, which come in various patterns. The cloth belt can be wrapped around the waist effortlessly without being stiff like leather.
  • Brighter belts in iridescent colors help to brighten up casual outfits .
  • Don’t forget to keep the rest of your outfit simple and straightforward so that your belt can make a statement as a focal point. Brighter tones in traditional colors will look fantastic, but keep an eye out for more modern toned straps, which will provide an unexpected twist.

3.    Woven belts

  • Woven belts are waist belts that a man who believes in the classics would wear. These belts scream comfort and appear incredibly stylish.
  • Even with a pair of chinos or linen shorts, the texture of a woven belt can have a noticeable effect.
  • Weaved belts in their typical zigzag shape, one of the most helpful belts we have today, have been a hit on the runways, especially for their casual summer attitude. These add a hint of breeziness to your overall look and are a must-have in your closet.
  • We recommend a basic white t-shirt, khaki or navy shorts, flip flop sandals, and a dark brown or rust-colored woven belt for a well-put-together style.

4.    Casual belts

  • Nylon or another lighter, tougher substitute to leather is used in casual belts.
  • Casual belts have the most potential to create striking, layered designs out of all the belts accessible in the global fashion market.
  • The casual belt for men is available in various materials, primarily fabric, and can be worn with practically anything you wear daily. These are best for casual summer outfits, such as a lunch date, a night out with friends, or a sunny day at the beach, and work well as a simple belt for jeans or shorts.
  • It gives you a laid-back vibe and allows you to flaunt your adventurous side.

5.    Thin belts

  • Men’s thin belts require minimal effort to wear compared to ordinary-sized belts.
  • Thin belts are typically more dressy and formal than thick belts. Because the belt isn’t designed to be delicate, balance the heaviness of the piece with softer materials and colors.


Men’s belts may appear to be a minor detail, yet they can significantly impact the impression you make. They can either be a piece that brings an outfit together or a distraction that diminishes  the overall appearance.

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