Surrogacy – the cost associated with surrogacy and a surrogate mother in Ukraine

Surrogacy - the cost associated with surrogacy and a surrogate mother in Ukraine

Surrogacy and surrogate mother cost in Ukraine

Surrogacy is well in the process of having a biological child. Usually, people who are infertile and cannot afford a child on their own due to many issues like medical issues or anything like that opt for having a biological child.

Ukraine is the hub of surrogacy from where many couples get the surrogacy procedure done to have a genetic child. People from different countries of the world choose Ukraine to get the surrogacy process done because it is cheaper there as compared to other countries like the USA.

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Surrogacy in Ukraine is legal and is a blessing for many couples who are unable to have their child naturally. Ukraine has favorable laws, affordable costs and high-quality medical facilities for both the surrogate and the intended parents.

 Ukraine is the favorite country for many couples as they can opt for their desired services with complete freedom. Ukraine’s surrogacy procedure starts with the initial consultation, where the consultant and the future parents sit together to discuss the procedure. Even more, they form a surrogacy plan to initiate on a positive note.

Furthermore, the clinic or the consultants helps future parents to choose a suitable surrogate mother who meets their criteria. The age of a surrogate mother in Ukraine is between 20 and 35 years, and she has already given birth to her children.

 The surrogate mother goes through a medical process so that her body is well prepared for pregnancy which includes hormone therapy and IVF. The intended mother or donor provides eggs to the surrogate mother to fertilize her embryo, and the sperm of the donor or future father is used to carry out the process.

The surrogate mother carries a child till 9 months and takes complete care of the child until the child is born. The future parents are the legal parents of the newborn, and the surrogate has no legal right or responsibility over the child.

Cost of surrogacy in Ukraine

The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine depends on several factors, which include the type of surrogacy arrangement, whether traditional or gestational, the number of IVF cycles needed, and the composition required to pay the surrogate mother. Read more for leihmutterschaft kosten Usually, the cost of leihmutterschaft is comparatively lower than in other countries such as the United States. The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine ranges from $30000 to $50000, which includes all the medical expenses, compensation for the surrogate mother, and legal fees.


The surrogacy process in Ukraine is surely complex and requires quite careful consideration and planning during the process. It is notable for working with a reputable fertility clinic where the entire process and legal considerations are fully addressed, and the process reaches its final destination with immense success.

The surrogacy services must be taken from a legal and reputable clinic in Ukraine so that the process is not only successful, but it is legal as well.

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