Ten lashes styles that will turn heads

Ten lashes styles that will turn heads

Intro: Lashes are a great way to make your eyes pop. They can be dramatic or subtle, depending on your mood and what you’re looking for. If you want to turn heads, go for some bold lashes styles like the cat-eye or the swooping lash. Then, you’ll feel confident knowing that people will notice how beautiful your eyes look! Here are some of the eyelash trends that you must try before they become the norm.

  1. The Fold-Over Lash: If you love wearing lashes but feel like it’s too much, go for the fold-over lash. It’s similar to your strip of false lashes, except it’s got one thin line in the middle of it. It’s a great alternative to strip lashes, even for beginners. It’s easy to put on, and it looks very natural. Fold-over lashes are great for everyday makeup or when you want to draw attention to your eyes without being too dramatic.
  2. The Cut Crease: If you have a hooded eye shape and don’t feel confident doing a cut crease, try this alternative. Apply dark eyeliner in a diagonal line that extends from the end of the eye towards the temple. Halfway through, it meets another diagonal line that extends from the end of your brow line to your cheekbone. It is where you’ll apply fake lashes in between both lines with a cut lash effect. Put on two strip false lashes at each location with eyelash glue, then gently press them down. It’s as easy as that! Cut creases will help your eyes pop, even if they’re small and hooded.
  3. Dramatic Lashes: If you want to make a statement with your makeup, try dramatic Lashify lashes with styles like the cat eye or smokey lash. You’ll feel confident knowing that people will notice how beautiful your eyes look! Here are some types of dramatic eyelash makeup looks:
    1. Dramatic Cat Eyes: dramatic eyelashes paired with dramatic cat eyeliner are not the look for every day, but they sit like a stunning drama queen on party nights. Go clubbing with a dramatic cat eyeliner look if you’re looking for attention. It’s great to use for special occasions, parties, clubbing, etc., since this is sure to turn heads!
    2. Dramatic False Lashes: These are perfect if you want a more polished look because it naturally enhances your eyes compared to wearing makeup alone. It usually stays in place for hours! If you want to create a natural yet feminine and sexy look, false lashes are perfect. You won’t have to apply mascara every single day because of these babies! They are also perfect for photoshoots!
    3. Dramatic Glam Lashes: Glam lashes look sexy and dramatic without being over the top. These lashes are a mix of false lashes and natural full-length eyelashes to create a gorgeous blend that will make your eyes pop! You don’t have to be attending an event or going out with friends to wear these lashes. If you want something more noticeable than the subtle lashes, dramatic lashes are the way to go. These look great if you’re going out with your friends or even on a date!
  4. The Colored Lash: It’s such an easy way to make your eyes pop, and it looks great with any colour eyeshadow. You can wear them on their own too, and they’re so easy to take off. Just remember that it’s not permanent, so that you can wash them off with some soap and water. It is the best false lash style if you want to try something new but don’t want to commit to a full-blown lash look. These coloured lashes are available at Sephora, and they come in a variety of colours. In the picture above, you will see that I’m wearing the colour “mushroom”. It’s so beautiful. You don’t have to play it safe when wearing lashes! Adding some colour and fun to your lash line will change the look of your eyes! Asymmetrical, thick and thin, and wispy lashes are all the rage this year.
  5. The Magnetic Lash: If you’re looking for something even more accessible to apply than strip lashes, then magnetic lashes are perfect for you. All you have to do is stick them on your lash line, wait for the magnets to connect, and you’re good to go! They look very natural when worn with mascara. Don’t worry about it being difficult or uncomfortable! If they feel weird, take them off right away. With time you’ll get used to wearing them.
  6. Halo Lashes: These lashes are pretty popular this season. They give you that “glow”, adding an extra shine to your eyes. Try them on with some metallic eye shadow and liner to enhance the effect!
  7. Feline Lashes: These thick, perfectly shaped lashes will accentuate your eye shape to make them look longer and more comprehensive. If you’re having trouble looking for some good cat eyeliner tips, then try wearing these thick feline lashes!
  8. Soft & Wispy Lashes: These are light, short, and wispy lashes. They’re great to use if you want a subtle look or even an everyday look! This type of lashes is most suitable for people with smaller eyes because it adds volume to the outer corners of your eyes.
  9. Short Lashes: Short lashes can be a great way to break up your look, especially if you’re wearing makeup. If you have thick lashes, then this lash style is perfect for you since it won’t take away from those beautiful lashes that you already have! It is another excellent lash style to try if you want a more natural and less dramatic look.
  10. One False Lash: This lash style is perfect for those who don’t want anything too dramatic and want a simple yet beautiful look. It will give you the same effect as wearing eyeliner, but it’ll be more subtle and elegant. It’s an excellent lash style to try if you want to be bold, but it’s too soon for some of the more intense styles out there. You can go with an entire strip or half strip depending on what kind of lashes you’re comfortable wearing and how dramatic of a look you’re going for.

Conclusion: with these trendy styles to choose from, you are ready to rock any occasion, party or event with your dazzling looks and makeup. Make sure you are appropriately dressed for the occasion when you are at it.

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