The Different Types of Business Phone Numbers, Explained

The Different Types of Business Phone Numbers, Explained

Did you know that 92% of customer interactions happen over the phone?

As surprising as that may sound, it makes perfect sense. Sure, many customers opt to use the internet over a call to make initial inquiries, and other customers prefer their interaction to be in person.

On the phone is where the majority of questions get answered and customers’ concerns can be resolved. From getting more insight into a business to getting customer service handled, the phone call is still king.

It’s important to have the right business phone numbers to make you stand out. Read on to find out the different types of numbers available and the best way to get one set up for your business.

Business Phone Numbers and Where to Get Them

Having the right phone number for your business can make all the difference. If we asked you right now to name a business phone number you have seen or heard in an ad, odds are, you could rattle off a few.

This is because smart businesses make use of phone numbers that are memorable, or relevant to their business, or that just fit well with a jingle.

If you haven’t done much research into the types of numbers a business can adopt, don’t worry. We will explain the most popular types and where you can get your own.

Toll-Free Number

Toll Free Numbers are ideal for business because they allow your customer to contact you for free. A paywall may be a barrier for some people, so providing this service can help to get more traffic and leads.

The classic toll-free numbers, those starting with 1-800, have become more scarce in recent years but there are several other toll-free prefixes available to choose from.

Vanity Toll Number

These work in the same way as toll-free numbers giving customers a free-to-call service, but they are even more memorable.

Many businesses will use a word or short phrase that reflects their business, appeals to the customer, or even the business name if it fits. Examples include 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-BUY-SELL, easy to remember and they advertise the service themselves.

You can also get a local number as a vanity number. This can make your business feel closer to the customers in a certain area, but it should be remembered that it may alienate customers further afield.

Local Business Phone Number

If you aren’t interested in the bells and whistles that come with the other numbers, a local business number may be right for you and you can often find very cheap plans available.

You will have the three-digit area code followed by a random string of numbers, but it is functional and many brick and mortar local shops choose to go with a local business number.

How to Get a Business Phone Number

When it comes to how to get a business phone number, it’s easier than ever. Services like iPlum offer an easy and fast way to set up toll-free and vanity numbers on a virtual service.

This means you can use a bunch of helpful features like auto-attendant and extensions, as well as all the traditional services like calls, texts, and voicemail, but you can access it from anywhere.

Use your mobile or link it to a landline and people can reach your business through your chosen number in a way that suits your change and growth.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Business phone numbers are a vital part of having an easy-to-reach business.

It is easier to get set up than ever before with virtual services and the types of business phones easily found in the market today. So what are you waiting for?

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