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Top Interior Design Aesthetics to Die For

If your home is a reflection of yourself, then why not express yourself through your decor and aesthetic? Coming home should feel like you’re in your happy place no matter how the space is decorated.

Not sure what design aesthetics you should try in your home? No worries, we have a guide for you. Get inspiration and ideas for how to decorate your home whether you like bright colors or muted neutrals. You can also go for adding skirting boards jewsons.

Here are some of the most popular interior styles for your home you’ve probably seen all over the internet.

Mid-Century Modern

One of the most popular current styles, mid-century modern first rose to prominence after World War II. The style is known for its vivid use of color, interaction with the outdoors, and clean lines.

Classic mid-century modern color schemes tend to have shades of yellow, orange, green, brown, and neutrals. However, in recent aesthetics, brighter colors mixed with mid-century modern have been popular. Also, toughened glass cut to size are best option and make your interior more attractive.

Art Deco

Mix bold and elegant, and you’ll get the art deco home interior. Originating in the 1920s and focusing on glamor and excitement, this aesthetic is often associated with the flapper party lifestyle.

In this style, you’ll see angular patterns, bold curves, and layered and repeated designs. Finishes often include metallic chrome and brass with glossy paint and lacquered wood. Mirror and glass elements are popular details as well.


Free-spirited and expressive personalities often manifest into bohemian interior styles. Unconventional and individual, boho is about embracing your personal taste.

Bohemian style often has an emphasis on nature, using natural fibers and textures throughout the design like in a carpet or wall decor.

An earth-tone color scheme is also popular, with shades of red, orange, green, and tan being popular elements.

Maximalist and Eclectic

For years, clean and modern minimalist interiors have been the popular style option, but now maximalism is on the rise. Maximalism doesn’t mean more stuff, but rather more style by using more colors and patterns in the design.

Maximalism can also go hand in hand with an eclectic style. Think of eclectic as controlled chaos, a playful way to combine styles and show off your personality.


Vintage often refers to incorporating elements from the 1940s and 50s, but it doesn’t mean your home has to look like an antique store. A vintage style incorporates pieces from these decades as unique details in the room.

Many vintage lovers will seek out antique furniture and refinish them to fit into their home and their own personal style.

Finding Design Aesthetics

You don’t have to be the most creative person to decorate your house in beautiful design aesthetics. If you’ve fallen in love with a certain style, you can find a way to surround yourself with colors, objects, and decor you love.

There is no interior design degree needed to find your style. All you have to do is note the details and features of each style and find ways to replicate them in your own space.

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