Types of Tablets: How to Choose the Best One

Tablets are a hallmark of human efforts in making and improving technology. This hybrid of a phone and computer can be pretty handy, especially if you often travel or work on the go. The iPad Pro is currently the best-rated tablet, but that doesn’t mean there are other options.

There are different types of tablets, each with a unique purpose and UI. With this guide, you’re sure to find the perfect tablet for your work style or preferences. Read on to discover more and how to choose the tablet for you!

Apple iPad Air

Let’s kick things off with the best tablet for artists and content creators. The iPad Air has everything you need to put in professional-grade work. You get Apple’s lightning-fast M1 processor, gorgeous display, great battery, and 12MP cameras.

The Apple iPad Air is thin and portable. The only tablet from Apple which can beat the iPad Air is the iPad Pro, but there’s a catch. For one, the Pro isn’t geared toward creators, but more importantly, there is the matter of price.

The newest iPad Air retails for $599 for the base model. Compare this to $1,099 for the base model of the iPad Pro, and they are worlds apart. However, with the new upgrades to the iPad Air, the performance gap is a lot smaller than you think.

For everyone but the most die-hard performance percentage junky, the iPad Air is more than enough. It’s right on the heels of the iPad Pro and worth half the price.

10th Generation Apple iPad

When it comes to the classic Apple iPad, there have been many versions. The 10th Generation from 2022 delivers all the performance you’ve come to expect.

It comes with the A14 Bionic processor, which is fast for standard use. Improvements to battery, design and internal specs come at a reasonable price. At around $450, the 2022 model is $120 more than the previous year’s 9th Generation.

It’s also $150 cheaper than the iPad Air, with a sizeable gap in top performance. But, for most people, the difference won’t matter because the base iPad works like a charm. The 10th gen will handle almost anything you can throw at it, even if it isn’t geared for professional use.

This is a solid pick for a well-balanced mid-ranged tablet if Apple is your go-to without breaking the bank.

iPad Mini 6

Sometimes portability is king, and the iPad Mini 6 offers this in spades. With the A15 bionic processor, it punches well above its weight despite how small and lightweight it is. You don’t even sacrifice much in performance, especially considering the $499 price.

The iPad Mini 6 is Apple’s answer to Amazon’s own line of sub-10-inch tablets – the Fire series. In many ways, the Mini gives you everything you might expect from the Air but is smaller and more affordable. You still get Apple Pencil 2 support and cutting-edge looks and functionality.

It can fit in one hand, and it’s affordable!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 and S8 Ultra

If you’re an Android kind of person, don’t worry! There are plenty of options for you too.

The Tab S8 is cheap for a premium tablet, coming in at $699. On the other hand, the Ultra is a better toe to toe competitor with the iPad Pro and has a price to match at $1,099.

Where the standard Tab S8 shines is in its all-around capabilities for the price. Performance-wise, it’s comparable to the iPad Air, even if priced at $100 more. In addition, the battery is incredible, putting a lot of Apple models to shame.

It’s even being actively touted as a mid-range laptop replacement. So now, does the regular Tab S8 leave all Apple iPads in the dust? Of course not, but the contest is closer than you’d think.

There’s also the massive upside of Android and PC compatibility for those Apple fans out there. The average user won’t notice any difference in power between this and something like an iPad Air.

The Ultra

The Ultra goes toe to toe with the iPad Pro for performance. It also boasts a display almost 2 inches larger than the Pro. In terms of design and internals, The Ultra has reached the sweet spot between work and play.

With dual front cameras capable of supporting 4K, it’s perfect for zoom meetings. With a keyboard attachment and fantastic multi-window capability, it works great as a laptop. Of course, you also get the S Pen and all that sweet Android compatibility we mentioned earlier.

The Tab S8 Ultra might be one of the best-performing Android tablets capable of beating Apple. For more on the differences between iPads and Android Tablets, read this article.

Amazon Fire 7

There are many types of tablets in all shapes and sizes. However, Amazon figured out a great niche for affordable, well-performing sub-10-inch tablets. The Fire series is exceptional, and the Amazon Fire 7 model is worth the callout.

The Amazon Fire 7 might be one of the most affordable tablets you’ll find on the market today. You can get them for as low as $50, which is insane. It’s crazy fast for how cheap it is, and you get hands-free Alexa.

It does come with downsides, though. The resolution isn’t up to today’s standards since it can’t even hit 1080p. On the other hand, you do get a snappy 1.3GHz processor, which makes light work of browsing and media consumption.

It’s also lightweight and still has that much-coveted headphone jack. As a result, it makes a great entry-level tablet for kids or those who want casual use with their morning coffee.

The Many Types of Tablets

There are more types of tablets than we could cover in only one article. They range in power, price, and target market. One thing is for sure: there is one out there for every person.

Are you looking to upgrade your current tech? Check out our other blog posts for more information on the latest cellphone and laptop models.

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