Vingo App – Seamless Blend of Technology & Fitness

Have you heard of the new fitness app in town? It is called Vingo and it is taking people into virtual reality for them to train and get fit. The app blends social media with virtual reality and gives you a very immersive experience. Once you get into this world, you will never go back to your boring old indoor exercises where you have to stare into a blank wall while running on your treadmill or cycling on your training bike.

Get Into the Fitness App for the Future

The app is an online platform where people from all around the world login everyday and experience VR while they exercise. The main purpose of the app is to provide an outdoor experience while you work-out comfortably in your home. You won’t have to step out into the polluted outdoors to run or jog or to cycle anymore. You can bring the outdoors to you. The app also has a lot of cool features in it too. Features such as voice chat, communities, avatars, etc., will change the way you interact with the outside world.

Immerse Yourself in the VR Tech

The Virtual Reality software in the app will take you across the world with a click of a button. The app comes with a lot of HD maps and routes which are all designed from many famous spots around the world. You can run below the foothills of the Alps on day one and jump to geyser filled islands of Iceland on day two. You can keep on exploring the endless maps inside the app. All you have to do is install the app on your smart-device and connect it with your exercise equipment. Once connected you can place the screen before you and watch the scenery unfold as you progress into your selected maps.

Create Your Own Custom Avatar

An interesting feature in the Vingo app is that it will create your digital avatar with just your selfie. You can add different outfits to your realistic avatar too. It will be like you are going shopping with your own avatar in the virtual world. Also, along with different outfits, you can also select from a range of work-out gears available in the app. Customise the way you look in there and impress people with your style.

Take Your Running Buddy With You

While you add outfits to your avatar, you can also add your running buddy to it. Choose from a list of digital pets in the app and add them to your entourage in the app. This way you won’t miss your furry friend in the virtual world.

Find Motivation From Peers Inside the Virtual World

There are a lot of people joining together as communities inside the cycling app. You can join some of them and find your fitness tribe there. Your tribe of fitness aficionados will keep you motivated when you feel exhausted and down during your exercise. You can do the same for them & get fit together as a team.

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