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What Are Some Of The Unique Designs For Your Living Room

What Are Some Of The Unique Designs For Your Living Room

You are bored of those same wall hangings and false ceilings!

You are flipping pages through the same Architectural Digest and finding nothing new in there. Although these room improvement designs look mind-blowing, some of us do not wish our house to look the same as before.

A home is a place that we call our own, and we all have this dream to decorate it in our own way. It doesn’t have to be something too trendy and look like a magazine page. But, it has to be something which is providing you with a sense of comfort.

Your house should have every piece of decoration which is dear to your heart. Something which tells a story about your likes and not something that we just toss away.

In this excerpt below, we will be talking about a few new home improvement ideas which you might like.

This can bring that homely feeling to your house.

What Will You Need

The reason why we are not always keen on calling upon a professional is that we fear our houses will start looking too industrious. Sometimes the messy imperfections can make your house into a home.

However, when it comes to decorating yourself, you might make some rookie mistakes. Some of these mistakes are as follows.

  • You might measure the area wrong.
  • Paint it wrong.
  • Make it look like a hoarder’s joint.

This is why you need to get a clear picture of your house landscape. There is some software that will allow you to take a virtual landscape of your rooms and then decorate it virtually first.

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Unique Designs For Your Room

Here are some of the unique designs which you can give to your room.

1. Cottagecore Delight

As the name suggests, this will give you all the earthy feeling, but it is a much vintage style. Some of the key elements of the room decor are-

  • Rustic furniture and accessories
  • No furniture with sharp edges.
  • Glass jars in the kitchen are complemented with copper hanging utensils.
  • Furniture with old textile, linen, or wool.
  • Walls will have a neutral or earthy tone, topped with plants everywhere.

See if the architecture of your house matches this design.

2. Dark Academia

This is a very hip and happening trend and not exactly an official home decoration format. However, the popularity it has grown within these few years is worth giving a try.

If you are planning on decorating your house or a particular room in the dark academic style, then you have to precisely make it look like an Oxford or Cambridge scholar. The term dark academia essentially means thirst for knowledge, so some ornaments which you will need are –

– Yellow library mood lighting.

– Books.

– Dark wooden furniture.

– Leather or velvet furniture.

– Vintage gloves or lamps.

– A writing desk.

This style is very much preferred for someone remote working and who wishes to record their workroom.

3. Vintage Floral

The vintage home decor style is also gaining the limelight for quite some time now. But the most beautiful of them is the Vintage room, which can make your room look like a subtle spring delight from the 1940s.

Some of the common elements for this beautiful bedroom or living room design would be-

  • Rustic-looking floral wallpapers.
  • Dark green boundaries for bed frames or mirrors.
  • White soft curtains or thick green curtains.
  • Wooden furniture, but a lighter shade of wood.
  • Flower vase in tin jars.
  • Wooden stairs.
  • Floral lamp shades.

But, remember to not go overboard with the flowers.

4. ‘Green’ Bedroom

No, we are not talking about a green room. This is more of a natural, sustainable room, which is free from any toxic materials or essentially plastic. Some of the common elements for these bedrooms would be.

– Lots of plants and creepers.

– Bamboo furniture.

– Earthy materials.

– Bamboo vanity products.

All in all, anything which is not bad for the environment. But, do not worry, your room will look phenomenal with these decorations as well.

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