What Are Telescopic Kelly Bars And Their Uses

What Are Telescopic Kelly Bars And Their Uses

The Telescopic Kelly bars are drill pipes connected to the drilling tool. It is mainly used for pile foundations. When the drilling machine is not long enough, you can add the Telescopic Kelly Bars to drill deeper. There are many kinds of these Kelly bars, and each kind has its use. Keep reading to learn more about these kelly bars.

What are Telescopic Kelly bars?

It is an elongated pipe or round bar made from a material that is easily bent. The material’s bending and strain contribute to the shape and flexibility of the bars. This feature makes it possible to combine two different kelly bars by inserting one of them into the other. In addition, the inclination of the lengthwise central axis of the inner and outer kelly bar is not matched, and both are relatively inclined.

The reverse telescopic kelly bar consists of an upper inner bar, two middle sections, and an outer section. Each section has its driver that engages with a rotary mechanism. The whole assembly is suspended from a swivel on a travelling block. Depending on the size of the kelly bar, there are one or more outer sections.

You can use it as a rotary drilling rig. You can add these bars to drill deeper when the drilling machine is not long enough. It will lengthen your current rig and increase your depth of bore. You can use it with any rig, including submersible pumps and other downhole tools. The telescoping version makes it more versatile and easier to use than ever. This drilling tool can extend or shrink according to needs.

As such, its quality directly affects the overall performance of the machine. Its purpose is to transfer crowd pressure and torque from the rotary drive to the drilling tool. It has extensive manufacturing experience and has absorbed the latest technology to produce top-notch kelly bars. It is a specialized manufacturer of Telescopic Kelly bars.

Uses of Telescopic Kelly bars

A telescopic kelly bar is used to guide an auger as it drills. In the process, the upper inner bar of the kelly bar is extended downward. In contrast, the lower outer bar is extended upward. When the drill is in position, the auger is guided through the excavation, and the excavated soil is removed.

It digs hundreds of feet deep and is designed to eliminate some problems with drilling a large-diameter deep shaft. In a conventional telescopic kelly bar, the drill tool must be smaller than the most significant cross-section of the outer bar.

You can use it in conjunction with large-diameter excavators. They transmit torque to the bit and drill tool and allow the drill tool to turn while excavating directly below the surface. You can use them on the sides of a large-diameter excavator or in confined spaces. The kelly bars are typically high-strength materials and designed for easy installation.

The inner kelly-bar 150 consists of a cylindrical portion 151 and a prism-shaped portion 152b. This inner kelly-bar connects to the second kelly-bar 60. The bars are welded along the outer periphery, which improves the strength of the bars.


Here we have told you about Telescopic Kelly bars. It is a two-part tube that can be attached to a bucket. The first kelly-bar, referred to as the kelly-bar, is connected to an excavating bucket at the bottom end of the second kelly-bar, and the second is connected to the bottom end of the first kelly-bar.

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