What Are the Most Popular Services Provided by Digital Marketing Agencies?

Most Popular Services Provided by Digital Marketing Agencies

Many companies know how important digital and mobile channels are for attracting and retaining customers. However, they often don’t have a well-rounded plan to support digital growth and their business transformation and effectively engage their audience. If your company doesn’t have a digital marketing strategy that aligns with your business plan, you will face numerous challenges and lose out to your competitors. Below, we discuss the most common ways digital marketing agencies (Func Media) can help small businesses, startups, and enterprises.

What Is The Use Of Digital Marketing?

Essentially, digital marketing refers to all online marketing efforts or assets. Email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, SMM, and even blogging are great examples of digital promotion. With the main goal of increasing sales, it motivates consumers to take the targeted action. Moreover, digital marketing helps companies solve the following tasks.

  • Increase brand awareness. Digital marketing allows you to build the necessary associations. When a consumer needs a product or service, they remember the specific brand and can distinguish one product from another.
  • Generate leads. Lead generation allows collecting information about potential clients. This can be done through on-site charts, emails, contextual and targeted advertising, and guest posts.
  • Qualify leads. It helps you identify targeted leads so you can pass them on to sales managers. This way, your employees will only work with those who intend to make a purchase. Qualifying leads helps marketing and sales teams be more productive.

Digital marketing agencies that work with small businesses strive to deliver high-quality results on a modest budget without sacrificing quality. A digital marketing asset can contain various services and packages. However, the majority of business founders don’t realize how many of them they have at their disposal.

Transformation of Digital Marketing Through the Years

About 25 years ago, brands were spending huge budgets on offline advertising – radio, TV, big boards, etc. But in 1994, there was a breakthrough in the advertising market: the first banner appeared before the eyes of Internet users. It said, “Have you ever clicked with your mouse right here? Now you will.”

The first digital advertising campaign was launched by the EURO RSCG agency. This was the beginning of the transition to the digital era of marketing. A few years later, there was a race among the developers of the first search engines, the emergence of which was a real gift for marketers. Brands began to create and promote their sites on the Internet. The next breakthrough in digital marketing was the advent of social media, which was used as a new tool for effective brand promotion.

Today, competition has grown a hundred times, and it has become very difficult to secure a great place in the market. Marketers are constantly working on new advertising tools. Millions of companies offer their products online around the clock. Therefore, brand marketers have to keep up with all the trends and find out which tools work and which don’t.

Advantages of digital marketing:

  • Interaction with a wider target audience.
  • New ways to attract potential customers in less time.
  • More powerful multichannel impact on the audience.
  • Increased brand awareness and customer loyalty.
  • Transparent and measurable results from marketing campaigns.
  • Lower costs compared to traditional advertising.

The Common Services Provided by Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing agencies that basically use some of these tools to drive traffic, increase brand awareness, drive leads, and boost your marketing performance.

Paid search advertising. Google, Bing, and Yahoo allow you to run text ads on their Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Paid search advertising is one of the best ways to reach potential customers who are actively searching for a product or service similar to yours.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you don’t want to pay to appear in search engine results, you can also use SEO to try to organically rank pages or blog posts on your site. You don’t have to pay directly for every click. Nevertheless, getting a page ranked usually takes a lot of time and effort.

Paid social media advertising. Most social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat allow you to advertise on their platforms. Social media advertising is a great tool to raise awareness among the audience that may not know your business, product, or service exists.

Content Marketing. This is another fairly broad term that refers to the use of various content resources (blog, infographics, e-books, videos, etc.). This helps boost your brand awareness, drive new leads, and increase sales.

Email marketing. It is one of the oldest and most successful forms of online marketing that still drives leads. Most companies use email marketing to promote special offers, highlight content (often as part of content marketing), or promote an event.

Wrapping up

In recent years, digital marketing is constantly pushing traditional advertising to the sidelines. The more channels you use to attract customers, the stronger the effect. Create business accounts on social media, combine contextual advertising with SEO, and create quality content for your audience. All these points will help you double your profit and take your brand to a higher level.

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