What Can Destroy A Man’s Confidence?

Remember the last time you saw a man walking through the crowd; walking briskly with his shoulders raised, and a look of self-satisfaction plastered across his face?

That’s the look of confidence. Different people interpret confidence in different ways. To some, it is a sentiment reserved for only the strong, brave, and physically gifted. While to others it is something that comes from within.

Researching what it means to be confident will reveal some measures that you’re advised to take to create the perfect image of yourself.

You may find things like getting the right haircut, drinking the right beverage, or wearing intoxicating cologne that will automatically boost your attractiveness and garner attention from the opposite sex. It is believed that this will make you feel more confident and satisfied with yourself.

Sadly, these flawed portrayals of confidence do the direct opposite of the intended message. People now erroneously judge themselves unfairly with these standards in an attempt to feel more confident, thereby sinking deeper into the abyss of low self-esteem.

What is Sexual Confidence and Why is it Important?

Simply put, Sexual confidence refers to the confidence you exhibit in sexual situations. It encompasses the value you have for yourself as a being with a sexual appetite. Sexual confidence is an absolutely important trait to possess if you want to have a healthy and functional sex life. Conditions like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation can result in low sexual confidence, but they can be remedied. Read more about sexual confidence and how to improve it here.

However, it’s important to remember that these conditions are common and treatable. If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, consulting a healthcare professional like numan is recommended. 

Here are some ways men often destroy their own confidence.

  1. Acting like something that you’re not

This is a confidence destroyer that is rampant in our society today. Many false ideas on what it takes to be a man continue to circulate and force men to take on a personality that is far from their own. Many people proclaim that the only way to be confident is by taking the role of an Alpha Male. Worrying about irrelevancies like how many men they can beat up and how strong they are. Those who do not succumb to this “mean guy” mentality are considered weak and of low self-esteem. True confidence comes when you accept yourself for who you truly are, and don’t try to be something you clearly are not.

  1. Creating a false image of yourself 

Many people believe that the best way to be taken seriously is by creating a particular image of yourself and portraying it to the world. The anecdote to this is being vulnerable and creating space for your imperfections. You must stop dwelling on other people’s opinions and quit projecting yourself as the image you think they would accept and start being your true self.

  1. Unfairly judging yourself 

Truly confident people have learned the importance of gratitude and acceptance of who they are. Rather than sit in front of a mirror and compare themselves with others, truly confident people choose to accept themselves in their entirety and appreciate their peculiarities. You must quit the unnecessary judgments you pass on yourself and start living your life to the best of your ability.

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