What Do Amazon Drivers Use For Navigation?

When it comes to delivering goods, Amazon appears to be on top. Amazon’s staff have been instructed to approach each day since its inception as if it were Day One. Every member of Amazon’s army is driven by this essential idea, which implies never settling for good enough. 

According to current market estimates, consumers and investors are rewarding this approach, as Amazon is expected to account for 31% of all US e-commerce revenue growth in 2020. The company is expected to be worth $1.65 trillion by then. Everyone outside the Amazon circle sees Amazon’s competitiveness as a serious threat to business. If you don’t get up to speed, you’ll never catch up.

A delivery route planner is essential to the success of a company that provides this service. Amazon has become a force that must be reckoned with across the business due to its persistent pursuit of better, quicker, and more reliable distribution. Even at this late stage, Amazon remains committed to its One-Day Prime Delivery program, which would be a logistical achievement that people had never achieved before.

There are a few services that all Amazon workers should utilize to finish their delivery routes more swiftly and thoroughly every day of the week.

WorkWave Route Manager

A cloud-based route software that lets delivery drivers plan their routes, meet time frames, answer customer requests, manage timetables, and keep both customers and managerial staff on track with the state of each delivery in real-time is a huge benefit for new Amazon drivers..”

Drivers can transmit proof of delivery, record orders as completed, scheduled, postponed, or skipped, and keep route visibility. Effective communication and transparency improve management-driver relationships


RoadWarrior, a fleet management program for delivery drivers and fleet managers, is one of the essential tools for new Amazon delivery drivers to learn about.

Using Team RoadWarrior, Amazon’s management personnel may monitor the progress of delivery drivers, assess any bottlenecks during the route, and adjust delivery routes to accommodate changes in consumer preferences and expectations. As a result of this software, Amazon drivers may recommend it to their management team to deliver real-time updates.

Google Maps

This user-friendly program can be helpful for new Amazon couriers to get acquainted with route planning technology. However, Google Maps is not often employed by large delivery businesses. Staying with what you already know, such as running this very accessible iPhone and Android app on your mobile device, at the beginning of your delivery career can be a safe and secure stepping stone to more advanced software, especially if you are already accustomed to using the app.


MyRoute Online, a sort of program that aids in the creation of single or multiple routes, is another route optimization app beneficial to Amazon drivers. This program allows users to set parameters for the number of stops or hours needed per trip to better balance their responsibilities.

To help new Amazon drivers get up and running, MyRouteOnline mimics Google Maps’ functionality and look.


Amazon delivery drivers should think about using a route optimization app that can upload large numbers of stops from the manifest, figure out the fastest route automatically, and give turn-by-turn directions so they don’t have to use their hands. If you are a new Amazon driver, the Straightaway app is one of the best ways to finish your delivery route because it does all of these things and more.

Why do Amazon drivers favor Straightaway over other apps? Straightaway bundles top software into one app.


Every delivery driver may benefit from Amazon’s innovations and culture as the firm continues to dominate the delivery market and become omnipresent with speed, quality, and consistency. Happy clients and more efficient drivers are the results of constant development. Increasing numbers of drivers are getting their hands on some features of Rabbit every day, even though it isn’t yet widely available. Anyone may join the race; the best place to begin is with a tool like Straightaway.

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