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The digital sphere and IT specialty do not lose their relevance, and even become more and more popular in parallel with the growing demand for mobile applications and business websites. All modern companies, enterprises, startups are trying to have not only a physical business, but also a virtual one. This is understandable and correct, because it is in the networks of the World Wide Web that you can successfully develop your product or service. It is on the Internet that you can reach a wide audience and find your client. No wonder so many young people are now learning to code so they can work from home in one of the most in-demand, high-paying jobs these days.

To be able to create programs, a specialist needs to know programming languages. There are a lot of them, so you need to choose a number of the most important languages ​​for software development and concentrate on them.

For example, if you use custom software development Orlando services, you can be sure of the quality of the final product, because the company’s specialists have all the skills necessary for work and know exactly which programming language to use for a particular job.

TOP 10 programming languages

Next, we will deal with the most popular of the existing options, as well as consider the pros, cons and distinctive features of each of them. The top 10 programming languages ​​included:

  1. JavaScript. It is an object-oriented language. Used in programming mobile applications, desktop software, widgets, home appliances, easy to learn, a wide range of options for a variety of tasks, compatibility with other languages. Among the minuses, it is worth noting the presence of minor errors, the rapid obsolescence of approaches.
  2. Java. Is high leveled one. Created for the development of scientific programs, systems with a high degree of performance, technologies and software for Big Data, financial applications. The advantages are support for many libraries, a low entry threshold. Among the disadvantages are the complexity, verbosity of the code.
  3. Ruby. It is a high-level dynamic language that is used in the creation of Linux, Mac OS X and many others. Among the advantages are the simplicity of the syntax, the support of the programmer community, a powerful well-established debugger and cross-platform. Of the minuses we can mention a high threshold of entry and low popularity.
  4. C# (C Sharp). It is an object-oriented language. It is used in the development of console software, and is also used on the .NET Framework platform. There are advantages like scalability, powerful Microsoft support and high demand in the domestic and foreign markets. Of the minuses, they note the difficulty in mastering, focusing on “.NET.”, the presence of problems with the C language.
  5. Python. Language of high-level type of general exploitation. It is used in the creation of web products, data processing, prototyping. The advantages are the average entry threshold, cross-platform, simple and accessible syntax, the presence of many libraries and widespread demand. There are also disadvantages – low speed and limited functionality of static code analysis.
  6. Kotlin. Typed open-source language. It is mainly used for developing Android applications. Pros are consistent syntax, great performance, Java compatibility, easy to learn, Android Studio support. The cons are poor support from the programming community and failures in code compilation.
  7. PHP. General purpose scripting language. It is used in the development of web programs. It is easy to learn, is cross-platform and has a wide range of applications. Among the shortcomings, one can note the disorganization of the programming community, as well as the syntax is inconsistent.
  8. Swift. It is a compiled, open-source, general-exploitation language that is used to work with Apple devices. It’s high-performance, well-supported, readable, simple, and logical, and Objective-C compatible. At the same time, it has hidden problems due to its “immaturity”.
  9. Go. The language of a multithreaded compiled type. Used to create programs and web applications. It is productive and has a simple syntax, but it has a narrow scope of use.
  10. C++. The most popular language with the widest scope. Although there are also disadvantages – a high entry threshold. True, to work with this particular language, you need really expert knowledge in this area.

Turning to professionals for help, you can get high-quality software, as well as aws cloud consulting services. Naturally, for any business there are limits that relate to both goals and budget. In addition, choosing one of the languages ​​for writing programs of a different nature is necessary purely based on what results the customer expects from the created IT project in the future.

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