What suits go best with palazzo pants?

If you love to wear wide legged casual pants, we recommend buying palazzo pants which are now in trend. Today we tell you how to wear palazzo pants correctly. For our taste, they are beautiful, as well as very flattering and we can find them in any store this season because they have become very fashionable.

Palazzo pants are very original and fun: 

The peculiarity of these pants is that the width of the leg is straight and very, very wide, although, like everything, we can find them in different widths, some more exaggerated and others less.

These pants, being so wide, are usually very practical for the summer because they are very vaporous and cool, the feeling is practical as if you were not wearing anything.

They also usually wear a high waist, although on many occasions we can find them with a low waist, in general, the ones that are trending this season are high-waisted. In general, we will find palazzo pants in very light fabrics with a lot of drapes.

This type of pants was made fashionable by the hippies of the 60s. They were worn by both men and women and later, these pants evolved and became the famous bell-bottoms of the 70s. They briefly saw each other again in the 90s and now they come back to the fore with more force than ever. These pants are usually quite flattering as long as they are worn properly.

If you have chubby legs, palazzo pants will suit you very well, as well as if you have very thin legs. This type of pants hides everything, both as much as the little.

For short girls, it is not recommended that the width of the leg be too exaggerated either, but they do favor ones with a more discreet width. If you also use it with a high waist, then better than better.

For those who have a figure with a very long torso and not so long legs, palazzo pants with a high waist are highly favored, because optically it lengthens the legs and shortens the torso.

In the opposite case, for girls who have very long legs and a rather short torso, it is more advisable to wear palazzo pants with a romper playsuit, at the height of the hips to create the effect of elongating the torso.

For girls with an oval or straight body shape these high-waisted pants emphasize the waist and make our silhouette resemble that of an hourglass which is the perfect feminine silhouette.

Palazzo Pants – An essential garment for all seasons:

Being high-waisted, they visually lengthen the legs. They hide wide hips and thighs and add a feeling of height. The wide leg is perfect to hide your real width. Seriously, by not marking the profile of the leg, they hide a lot. Belted models help achieve a very flattering hourglass silhouette. And best of all, the options for combining them are endless.

We have also prepared some super nice looks that you can create with palazzo pants of which you have all the info about the garments on the images on Solado.

– If you want to look even more stylish, combine your palazzo pants with some heels. Just imagine how well they would look with all your heeled ankle boots…

– For work, wear it with a dressy shirt or blouse and finish off the look with a trendy bag. You will monopolize all eyes, we assure you.

– As for colors, this season anything goes. If you want to add a touch of color to your autumnal looks, opt for yellow or green pants. But remember that dark colors are the most flattering, so if you want to look more stylish, choose black pants.

A styling trick? If you want your legs to look like miles, it is best to tuck the shirt or sweater inside the waist, so that you can see how high the waist is.

– Palazzo pants, are a perfect option to go to work: If you don’t know what to wear to work, palazzo pants are a safe bet. Combine it with a white shirt and finish the look with heels.

– Black pants: Without a doubt, the most versatile pants in our selection. Being black, it will combine great with all your blouses and shirts. A

– White palazzo pants: We don’t need to tell you that white pants are essential in any wardrobe. It is very versatile and is an option suitable for any occasion. Our advice? Combine it with a black blouse, you will get a very elegant and chic look.

– White pants: These pants will serve you to go to work, go out to a party or even go to a wedding. Seriously, don’t think twice.

– Full-color pants: If you want to innovate with your outfits and you are not afraid to experiment with fashion, go for one of the trendy colors of this season.

– Yellow pants: The color yellow is rocking this season. Here we leave you the perfect pants: baggy, with belt detail and a high waist.

Variety of palazzo pants:

We can find palazzo pants in plain fabrics, prints, stripes, and very strong and bright colors. We recommend that if you are not used to wearing this type of garment, start by wearing plain and neutral or soft colors and I would discard the prints and very strong colors at first.

Beware of very large floral prints and rounded figures in these pants. At first glance, they may seem very pretty, but with them on they can give us the feeling that we are in disguise. We recommend the colors and prints in this garment in their proper measure.

As you know, these pants have a lot of volumes, so we already know that what he asks of us at the top are garments that are tighter to the body.

You can combine it with a very short and tight t-shirt to compensate for volume. Even though the t-shirt is very short, when combined with high-waisted pants, it practically does not show our waist at all. At the end of the post, you have all the details of the garments in case you want to sign any.

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