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40+ Ways and Words to Describe a Voice and Beautiful Tone

Do you know what are the words to describe a voice? What characteristics do you find attractive in a voice and how would you describe that voice in words?

A beautiful voice can be a melodious tune sung by your favourite singer, a broad masculine voice, a child’s laughter or maybe the sound of the rivers flowing, birds chirping, trees swaying and nature itself. All of this varies from person to person.

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Words to describe an attractive male voice

Do you ever find someone’s voice so attractive that it gets stuck in your head? Ever wonder why this happens and what’s so attractive about it? Here’s a list of words to help you describe that voice and understand why you like what you like.


An adorable voice is one which is very charming and pleasing to the hearer and is a delight to listen to. As soon as they hear the person talk, they are in awe of that person.


An alluring voice is a very fascinating and powerful voice which engages everyone in the surrounding to hear it.


This is a warm voice characterized as likeable, honest, and dominant.


 A cocky voice is one full of confidence and boldness in an arrogant, boastful and cheeky manner.


An exotic voice or accent is one that is different from the common or native accent of that place. It can be referred to as a non-native or foreign accent.


An erotic voice is one that causes sexual arousal and excitement.

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A fruity voice is a deep, strong and pleasant voice full of laughter. A person having such a voice brings joy and happiness to their surroundings.


A heavenly voice is characterized by divinity and holiness. Like a voice so perfect it seems like it is from heaven.


A voice that is pretty and attractive but in a sexual way.

Hypnotic voice

A voice that is soothing, calming and causes high and induces intoxication.

Luscious voice

 A very tasteful and attractive voice that appeals to the senses. Generally used to describe a female’s voice. E.g. Her luscious voice made the crowd turn wild.


A pleasant and enjoyable tone that pleases the listener.


 An extremely attractive and extraordinary voice. Different from what is commonly heard.


A voice or tone comprising of the impressive scale of beauty and elegance.

Sophisticated Accent

An accent that reveals an up-to-date sense of fashion and style. These accents typically symbolize a wealthy, educated and powerful position in society.


A seductive voice is one that has the tone and texture that people would interpret as attractive and sexy. A voice that turns people on as if a person is trying to seduce them.

Words to describe a singing voice

Singing voices can sometimes be pleasant and at other times, not so much. Here is a list of words which can be used to describe a singing voice.


An angelic voice is a very sweet and calming voice which is very soothing and satisfying to listen to.

Babbling sound

The sound produced by infants during child development stage in which they produce unrecognizable words and sounds which do not make proper sense.

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A voice with a blend of both happy emotions and a tinge of sadness.


A very joyful and optimistic voice.


A voice with such a positive and refreshing tone that it relaxes the listener and rids him/her of the pain


A very heart-warming and soft voice.


A howl can represent a cry or wail as if one is in pain, rage, or protest. It can also be used to signify a loud yell or a scornful laugh.

Magnificent voice

An extravagant and extraordinary tone. Different from what is commonly heard.

Mellifluous sound

A pleasing, smooth, sweet and musical sound (voice or tone).


A mellow is a melodious, rich and amicable voice.

Resonant sound

A prolonged sound produced by synchronous vibrations usually when more than one person is singing of the effect produced by syncing of musical instruments during the compilation of a symphony.

Silvery voice

A silvery voice is a very clear and likeable voice.

Soporific voice

A voice that tends to induce drowsiness, and sleepiness, i.e. to cause one to fall asleep.

Supercilious voice

A voice that delivers great pompous by thinking of oneself superior to others. A supercilious voice is almost as if a person if deliberately trying to show off their power, control and superiority.


A voice is full of different vibrations which collectively join to produce a bright and pleasant sound.

Whispering / Whispery

A whispery or whispering voice is a very soft and calm low-pitched voice usually used in the presence of a nearby person especially for the sake of privacy or secrecy.

Saccharine voice

A saccharine voice is a very sweet and lovey-dovey voice.


A high pitched, unpleasing sound or voice which is piercing to the ears.

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Sonorous voice

A voice that is empathetic, full and imposingly deep.

Stilted speech

A conversation or speech that is inappropriately pompous and is characterized by situationally-inappropriate formality

Quavery voice

A tremulous sound marked with rapid changes in pitch between highs and lows.

Velvet Fog voice

A voice with impeccable timing and a smooth, mellow tone. This word was awarded to Mel Tormé who was known during his heydays as “The Velvet Fog” and can be used to signify a voice like his.

Words to describe a tone

A tone refers to a musical or vocal sound relating to its pitch and quality. Tones can be pleasant or unpleasant. Here is a list of words to describe various common tones.

Anxious tone

A tone that expresses the care of the speaker.

Ballsy tone

A determined and courageous tone usually of a confident person.

Dry Tone

A tone with no rise and fall.

Fluttery tone

A fluttery tone is a scribbling sound usually caused due to irregularities in speed during recording, duplication, or reproduction of a musical symphony. In simple words, it is a distortion in the sound.

Hypnotic tone

A soothing and calming tone that causes high, reduced stress and may even induce intoxication.

Insouciant tone

A tone that is very carefree and lacks any concern and worry.

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Mellifluous sound

A pleasing, smooth, sweet and musical sound (voice or tone).

Pessimistic tone

A tone which is very dry and shows the hopelessness of the speaker.

Tuneless tone

A musical compilation which is unmelodious and very unpleasant to listen to. 

Sarcastic tone

A tone with a proper stress pattern that coordinates well with a sarcastic point.

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