10 easy ways to save fuel

The money you spend on fuel can add up over time. The average household in the UK in 2020 spent over £1100 on fuel across the year. As such, it makes sense to save fuel when you drive to help your wallet. Below, we explore 10 easy ways to save fuel.

Read the road ahead

Maintaining a consistent speed can help you save fuel. As such you should always read the road ahead to maintain a smooth ride. Sudden accelerations and braking can harm your fuel efficiency.

Drive gently

If you’re cruising on the motorway it’s best to continue to drive gently. Your engine works harder to accelerate, so you should look to maintain a constant speed rather than whizzing between lanes and accelerating and decelerating.

Slow down

The best speed to drive at for fuel efficiency varies depending on the car. But usually the optimum speed is between 50 and 60mph. As such, it’s worth slowing down to a smoother cruising speed when you’re on a fast road.

Get into a high gear quickly

Ideally, for the best fuel efficiency you should reach the highest gear possible, but with low revs. This requires little exertion from your engine and should improve your economy.

Choose a quality brand

A lot of your fuel efficiency will be defined by the type of car you buy – a well-made car will usually come with a better fuel economy rate.. If you choose a quality brand such as the new Peugeot e 208 then you’re going to make your life a lot easier.

Maintain your tyres

Saving fuel is all about efficiency. And by maintaining your tyres you can ensure that as little energy is lost as possible as you drive.

Monitor your fuel economy

By monitoring your fuel economy you can adjust your driving style and see if it’s making a difference. Over time, you should find you continually improve.

Regularly do the MOT

MOTs and servicing is crucial. Routine checks can help diagnose issues with your car – when corrected, these can improve your fuel efficiency.

Turn your engine off when stopped

It can be tempting to leave the engine on when you’re stationary – especially if you’re waiting for someone. Instead, it’s best to turn your engine off to save that little bit of fuel.

Cut out the short journeys

38 per cent of British journeys under two miles are made by car or van. Try and cut these out by cycling or walking instead to save on fuel.

Saving on fuel can be difficult. But by combining the 10 steps above, you’ll find that all your little efforts add up to something quite significant.

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