10 Gift Ideas For People Who Love Stationeries

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Gift-giving is one of the most important, joyful, and sometimes stressful times during the holiday season. If you have a friend or family member that loves stationery, then this article may be helpful for your gift-giving dilemma. Stationery includes writing utensils such as pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, journals, paper, envelopes, stamps, and decorative items such as washi tape, stickers, ribbon, and planners. Here are ten gift ideas to gift stationery fanatics.

1) Fountain Pen

Fountain pens are the gold standard of writing utensils. They use water-based inks and offer a smooth writing experience, unlike any other pen. While they usually come at a higher price than other types of pens, they can last for many years with proper care, making them an excellent long-term investment.

2) Ink Samples

If your friend has never used a fountain pen before, don’t buy them one! It would be like buying someone an expensive car without teaching them to drive (and expecting them to know what to do). Purchase some ink samples to allow your friend or family member to test out different colors and brands to find their favorites before making their big purchase.

3) Sticker Sheets

Got a friend or family member who loves taking stickers and decorating their planner, journal, or letters? Then sticker sheets are an excellent gift idea. There are so many different designs available for you to choose from that your friend will find something to match their interests.

4) Journals/Planners

Journals are an awesome gift for people who love staying organized. Whether it’s keeping track of appointments, notes, finances, exercises they’ve done throughout the day, there are planners out there for everyone!

5) Pens

You Can Take Apart And Reassemble Again And Again Sometimes, getting a nice pen is a too much pressure for some people since they know they will have to take care of it. So instead, buy them a cheap pen that they can take apart and reassemble for fun!

6) Washi Tape And Sticker Sets

Washi tape is this amazing type of tape used in the crafting world that comes in so many different sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns. You can use washi tape to decorate your planner, journal, envelopes, letter writing materials, or other objects around your home. Many companies create sticker sets around certain subjects such as travel or life goals that are great for keeping track of progress.

7) Charms

Charms are a fun way to dress up your pens. They usually have a flat back to lay flush against the pen, but some can be slightly raised from the side of the pen.

8) Desk Accessories

If you have a friend that loves stationery, give them some desk accessories. This includes paperweights, sticky notes, notepads/pads of any kind, pencil cups/holders, letter trays, and more.

9) Printed stationery

There are many different types of printed stationery, such as stationery notepads/pads, letter writing materials, envelopes, and stickers. You can find anything from art prints to cute animals to motivational messages on these items. The options are endless!

10) Gift Cards

Last but not least- gift cards! This may be the last thing you think about when brainstorming gift ideas for someone who loves stationery because it doesn’t seem personal. Still, it’s a great way to go because your friend or family member gets something that they love without having to guess whether or not their gift will fit with their tastes. Plus, if they have always wanted a certain type of stationery or accessory, now they can finally get it!


There are so many different types of gifts you can get for someone who loves stationery! It’s hard to go wrong with any of these ideas because they will all bring joy to whomever you receive them from. Be creative and open-minded when shopping for the perfect gift. It is good to do research when buying a gift for someone and have fun with it. The best part of giving or receiving a present is the excitement that comes along with it! You know your friend or family member best, so you should choose a gift that suits their personality and interests best. So go out there and show them how much you care by buying them a present they will love!

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