10 Innovative Approaches to Write Mental Health Nursing Essays

As a student or professional in the field of mental health nursing, you have to go through the process of mental health nursing essay writing. Such essays demonstrate your knowledge of the human psyche and providing mental health care but also show how passionate you are about your subject.

According to the Skyquest report published in July 2023, the global mental health market was valued at $386.10 billion in 2021 and $399.61 in 2022. However, it is expected to increase at a CAGR of 3.5% to 526.21 billion by 2030.

Mental health nursing is an important and rapidly developing area of healthcare. Writing thoughtful articles about mental health nursing requires a combination of knowledge, compassion, and originality. That is the reason most nursing students find it tough to express everything through their essay writing. 

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Here, we will discuss some creative strategies to help you write profound and captivating mental health nursing essays.

10 Strategies for Writing Essays on Mental Health Nursing

1. Understanding the Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing

Understanding mental health nursing principles is crucial before diving into creative essay writing. Providing care to patients with a range of mental health conditions, such as stress, anxiety, schizophrenia, and other mental disorders, is the responsibility of mental health nurses. 

According to the book How to Write an Essay: Writing a Narrative Essay, your essay writing mainly consists of the following levels:

  1. Creating
  2. Evaluating
  3. Analysing
  4. Applying
  5. Understanding
  6. Remembering

Reducing stigma about mental health issues and offering compassionate care are among the guiding concepts in mental health nursing essay composition. You must understand the fundamentals of mental health nursing and the significance of de-stigmatizing mental health concerns to create an essay that has an impact. 

2. Choosing Relevant Topics

Topic selection is the first step because it sets the base for your mental health essay writing. You should carefully address current problems, new trends, or areas in the field of mental health nursing when selecting an essay topic. Remember that the backbone of a strong essay is a topic that is both relevant and interesting to choose.

Mental health nursing essay topics that you can choose from include the role of cultural competency in mental health nursing, the effect of the COVID-19 epidemic on mental health, and the use of techniques in mental health treatment. 

3. Carrying Out Extensive Research

Extensive study is the foundation of creative writing. It’s crucial to have thorough knowledge to produce a meaningful essay on mental health nursing. To obtain information, consult books, credible websites, scholarly journals, and professional interviews. Make sure that the sources you choose are trustworthy and up to date, and explain the main idea of your essay. 

A practical approach to mental health assessment is given in the research paper Mental Health Practice, such as:

4. Personalising Your Perspective

Essay writing is the process of checking your own personal perspectives about a topic. What will be the benefit of it if you don’t include your personal thoughts and reflections in it? Adding personal stories in your essay helps to personalise the subject matter and increase relatability.

If you’ve interacted with people who are dealing with mental health concerns, talk about these experiences in your essay. Such measures will show your understanding of mental health nursing and play an important role in securing high marks.

5. Friendly Storytelling

Write mental health nursing essays that use storytelling approaches. Narrating a story highlights the human element of mental health care and helps you establish a connection with your audience. 

Tell tales of people who have overcome mental health obstacles or of nurses who have had a big influence on the lives of their patients. Your essay is made interesting and memorable by these anecdotes.

6. Dealing with Stereotypes and Stigma

Creative writings should question stigma and preconceptions related to mental health. Find out the ways in which these misconceptions can impact solving mental health disorders. You should also discuss the value of compassion and a non-judgmental mindset in mental health nursing essays.

7. Interpreting Case Studies

Case studies are essential resources for demonstrating how mental health nursing principles are used in the real world. Add some relevant case studies in your writing and provide a critical analysis of them. 

Go through some new innovations in nursing, discuss their ethical issues and patient outcomes, and utilise these points of reference to bolster your claims.

8. Engaging with Visuals

If you want to make your mental health nursing essay look better, you should add relevant photos, charts, or infographics. Visual components can break up the text for easier understanding and help in the more efficient communication of complex information.

Visuals have the ability to enhance your essay writing within seconds. If you want to engage your reader till the end, add captivating pictures to appeal to others. 

In the book Effective Writing Teacher’s Manual, there is a complete explanation of the importance of adding visuals in essay writing:

9. Staying Up to Date

The profession of mental health nursing is dynamic, with constant developments being made in treatment approaches, regulations, and research. You have to stay up to date by keeping up with the most recent advancements and applying them to your mental health nursing essays. 

To get the most recent information relating to your topic, consult evolving practices, guidelines, and recent studies.

10. Cooperation and Evaluation by Others

Collaboration and communication with others are important in bringing innovation to your essays. If you want to improve your concepts and arguments, ask teachers, mentors, or fellow students for feedback. 

It will help you to improve your essay and make it more impactful by using constructive criticism to help you identify areas for improvement.


Writing mental health nursing essays involves more than just providing readers with information; it also involves engaging their emotions. You can write essays that are creative, educational, and sympathetic by understanding the topic and subject, carrying out in-depth research, personalising your viewpoint, choosing friendly storytelling, adding images, and asking for feedback. 

Innovating and impressive essays help you to secure higher grades and encourage the evolution in the field of mental health nursing in addition to educating.

However, if you are still confused about how to get a start and don’t have any mental health nursing essay ideas, you can contact The Academic Papers UK. They have professional writers in this field who offer the best nursing essay writing services to students worldwide.

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