10 Online Casino Bonus Tips: Casino Bonuses Types and How to Claim Them

10 Online Casino Bonus Tips: Casino Bonuses Types and How to Claim Them

You registered at an online casino, and you see a welcome bonus message. Is it clickbait? Do these types of bonuses really exist, and if yes, are they worthy of your time?

What is a casino bonus?

A casino bonus is an offer that an online casino creates to attract and entice new customers worldwide. They most often come in free coins, spins, or even real money – it depends on the casino and what you’re playing. These bonuses represent a marketing tool used by casinos to stay ahead of the competition, which is one of the main reasons why so many bonuses differ in amounts and types. The welcome bonus is, for instance, the most popular type of casino bonus, and it is available for everyone who registers at an online casino or makes their first deposit. But apart from the welcome bonus, online casinos also offer other types of bonuses, such as:

  • casino bonuses for different countries around the world,
  • reload bonuses (when you add money to your casino account),
  • refer a friend bonuses (when somebody registers using your referral link),
  • loyalty bonuses, and much more.

Should you claim it?

Even though they seem rather abstract, especially for newbies, free casino games bonuses can be exciting and rewarding. Apart from letting you play your favourite game without spending money, casino bonuses have other benefits that are pretty interesting, such as:

  • the ability to try out the casino website without paying anything (you will be spending your welcome bonus),
  • the ability to try out new games in the online casino without any fear that you will lose your actual money,
  • the option of earning money by just spending your welcome bonus

But what are the most important tips that you should have in mind in case you want to get a casino bonus?

10 online Casino Bonus Tips

1.    Check the bonus percentage

Do not forget to check the bonus percentage and the maximum bonus amount. These differ from casino to casino, but most casinos match the first deposit by 100%, while others go to 150% and 200%. This will help you calculate your first deposit amount.

2.    Review the terms and conditions

A player cannot quickly transfer the bonus to their bank account, as it has to be converted into real money. This process is called the “wagering requirement”; because of it, players have to review the bonus terms and conditions before playing. Make sure to know how to calculate and compare wagering requirements before playing.

3.    Pay attention to the games which are allowed

When speaking of casino bonuses, it is also important to note that not every game contributes equally to the requirements of having your bonus paid out. Table games, for example, contribute only 10% or less, while some slots contribute 75% or 50%.

4.    Check if there is a maximum withdrawal

Make sure to check the withdrawal limit of the casino you are playing at. Some casinos have a withdrawal limit of 3 or even 5 times the initial deposit amount.

5.    Check the number of free spins

Apart from bonuses, some casinos might offer free spins on your first deposit. This can sometimes even be 200 free spins, which is a big plus in the gambling world. Check what slot machines give you the most free spins and which ones have no wagering requirements on them – the latter being an incredible advantage.

6.    Mind the time limits

Casino bonuses do not come without time limits, though. It would be best to use all the bonuses you got within the set time limit, which differs from case to case. For welcome bonuses, for example, the limit is usually 30 days. Free spin bonuses should, in most cases, be used faster, such as in 15 days.

7.    Play low to medium variance slots

In case you’re a slot player, then you might consider playing low to medium variance slots. Although the wins might not be that big, the chances of reaching the playthrough requirement before your balance is zeroed out are good.

8.    You can decline the bonus

Know that you don’t have to accept the bonus that the online casinos are offering you. Although this might mean extra playing time and higher chances of earning more money, you can always decline the bonus if you don’t want to go through the wagering process and want to deposit your money as you wish.

9.    Check your progress

Before cashing out, always check your progress and see how much money you can withdraw. Most casinos will let you monitor your progress and see how much money you can take – go to the withdraw page and see the amount. If the amount is still zero, then you haven’t reached the wagering requirements yet.

10.Forfeit your bonus in certain cases

In most casinos, you play with your money first, and when that has run out, you start playing with the casino bonus money. However, if you managed to get a big win before touching your casino bonus, make sure to forfeit the bonus money. In these cases, make sure to contact the helpdesk to remove your bonus.

Now you know what online casino bonuses are and how to tackle them. If this is your first time playing at an online casino, don’t worry, as practice makes perfect, even in gambling! Understand the terms and conditions, don’t be seen as a bonus abuser and with just a bit of luck, you’ll earn plenty. Good luck!

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