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10 overlooked factors that can make a happy relationship

A relationship is built on love. True. However, love cannot fix all the differences and guarantee a happy and long-lasting relationship. Sometimes it’s the small things that make all the difference. These 10 overlooked factors are key to a successful partnership.

Many couples have been married for many decades. What is their secret? Is there a secret to her success? Although there is no secret formula for success, key elements are. You must focus on the positive aspects of a relationship. We tend to be negative, so we should not focus on the bad. Join Kasamba

One example: You receive your performance review at work. It’s great, but you can improve one thing. What is the most important thing you remember? The negative. You should take the negative comment seriously but also show all the positives. In our relationships, we do the same. We take the good and the beautiful for granted, while obsessing about the little things can lead to problems.

Love: 10 underrated factors to a happy relationship

He: She leaves your worn clothes out instead of washing them, and the dishes pile up. Or you are again subject to the whims or demands of the other person. You’re right! You can argue about these things, but they can be stressful. It is important to not lose sight of the bigger picture.

We shouldn’t let the small problems get in the way of our attention. We lose sight of what is really going well. It is possible to improve long-term relationships by focusing on the problems. It’s equally important to look at the positive aspects of your relationship. These 10 elements are essential to a healthy relationship.

1. You can be you.

Both sides accept one another as they are. It is not possible to make each other change. It is essential to identify yourself without being judged by others.

2. Many similarities

If a couple has fundamental beliefs and values, a relationship can be more fulfilling. Sometimes, similarities are disguised or hidden as opposites. Imagine that you and your partner spend hours disagreeing about the best rock band of all time. You have one thing in common, however: a passion for music.

3. You are best friends.

A happy relationship is also characterized by platonic love: friendship in a relationship encourages intimacy, affection, support, and emotional stability.

4. Well-being and closeness

It can be difficult to share your feelings with someone. A happy relationship is one where you are comfortable sharing your feelings and can be vulnerable. Trust is a wonderful side effect that allows you to share feelings, rely on one another, and create intimacy.

5. She: She makes you better.

It does not necessarily mean that your partner should or wants to change, optimize, or control you. It’s all about support: She: is there for you and will help you in your personal development. Your relationship will grow as you become a better person.

6. A team

A happy relationship values others and works together to overcome challenges. Everyone must be true to their individuality and remain true to themselves. The shared identity as an entity plays an important role in a relationship. Research shows that even the use of the word “we” is a sign of a couple’s cognitive closeness.

7. Shared power

A loving relationship is one where both the decision-making and power are shared. Stronger relationships are more likely to last if both partners have the right to make decisions and have input. Couples who feel their labor division is fair are happier.

8. Absolute trust

Relying on your partner is essential for a happy relationship. A happy relationship is one where we know our partner will always be there for us and have our best interests in mind. This doesn’t mean that there is a vicious circle. But, it is a virtuous circle (angelic circle). Trust encourages greater commitment which leads to greater trust.

9. Your partner is intrinsically good.

These qualities were the reason we fell in love with each other. These qualities are so virtuous, and they form the foundation for a strong relationship.

10.No serious problems

Every partnership has small disagreements and disputes. A happy relationship does not include serious problems like cheating, disrespect, or jealousy. You can get rid of everything.

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