10 Reasons On Why is English Hard to Learn

Learning a new language is always hard if you are not native to it. Especially if you are learning English. Even after being the most challenging language to learn, it is the most used language around the globe. English is hard for many reasons. Some of them are grammatical rules that are hard to remember, different pronunciations, and also the same words with different meanings, etc. in this session we will explain it specifically and briefly discuss the problems of a new learner. Although English might be hard to learn, finding an English tutor can make it way more easier. If you want to learn French, you can also find French tutors on AmazingTalker.

10 reasons Why English is hard to learn for some people

  1. Language Families 

English is not a mythical language that just was created on its own. It came from many other languages from each corner of the world. English is a member of the Germanic language family, so it would be easier for you to learn English if you know german.

  2. Odd Rules

There are tons of exceptional rules in English. It has grammatical exceptional rules which are also known as odd rules. If these rules did not exist it would be much easier for students to learn English. To overcome this problem new learners have to practice a lot. Native speakers can do it easily because they know which sentence sounds right and which one does not. new students will also gain this knowledge after some practice.

 3. Sounds and Phonemes 

Sounds and phonemes are a big part of the English language. For new learners, it is a name of terror. Students struggle in this section a lot. However, it gets easier with time. There are many kinds of sounds and phonemes so it is not easy to remember them all at one time. you can take some experts’ help to understand the subject better.

4. Grammar

Grammar is the core of English. No one can master English without learning grammar properly. English grammar has a variety of rules and sections which need to be described properly. It can be hard for new learners especially to master tense. It is necessary to know proper grammar for learning English.  

5. Punctuation Rules

Punctuation is the beauty of any language. Without punctuation, it is impossible to describe a single paragraph. There are a total of 14 punctuation signs to learn and remember. These are very small details that matter the most. It will be hard for people to master this very fast, it is a time taking process.

6. Mixed Vocabulary 

This is a very important part of English. There are various types of vocabulary available. But the sad part is there is no way to skip this section. It is necessary to learn different words to understand the context. It will take a lot of practice to learn.

7. Idioms 

Idioms are phrases meaning something else. These exist in every language. In other languages, it is easy to guess the meaning. But in English, it is confusing. This is where many new learners get stuck. Students can read more idioms to learn this section quicker. you can learn one at a time to remember easily.

8. Various Dialects 

English has various dialects. This means it has many speaking styles according to region. For example, the United Kingdom and the United States citizens will speak differently. English has more than 160 dialects which cause headaches. It makes it even harder to learn new words, and to use English in daily life.

9. Level of Formality 

Compared to other languages English is way more formal. No wonder why it is the most used official language on earth. For many people, this formality is very hard to understand. New learners face problems because they do not feel the emotions properly because of this formality. People get used to this formality with time.

10. Confusing Pronunciation Rules

English has many weird and confusing pronunciations. Some alphabets are hidden in words. In the word Tsunami “T” is silent. Students get confused with these kinds of words which makes it harder for them to learn English. There are a lot of words like these available in the English language. Especially for Japanese and Chinese people, English pronunciation is a nightmare.


To be honest, learning English is not as hard as it seems. It is easy if you know some learning techniques and has a good teacher to learn from. Aside from these, there are many ways to learn English faster. You can watch movies with subtitles on or listen to English music, and you can also read books. These methods are very effective in learning English faster. However, you can learn from AmazingTalkers English tutors. They have native speakers of different regions so it will be easier for students to understand and learn faster. AmazingTaker has very reasonable packages conducted by expert tutors around the globe.

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