10 Reliable Sources To Learn About the Web Designer Industry

10 Reliable Sources To Learn About the Web Designer Industry

Learning how to design a website isn’t easy. The good thing is there are reliable sources to learn the process gradually. Below are ten of the best choices for small business owners who want to design their website. Working with a quality Houston web designer is also an excellent option to make the job easier. It works perfectly for businesses located in the Houston area. 

  1. Team Treehouse

This option is one of the most popular resources to learn web development. The basic plan only costs $25 a month, and it offers access to different video courses. Learners can also use the interactive practice sessions and quizzes. Learning web development will only take 3 to 12 months with the aid of Team Treehouse. 

  1. Udemy 

This resource is undoubtedly one of the biggest options out there. Udemy offers over 80,000 online courses, including web development. Each course contains organized categories and series of video lectures, and there’s also a huge learning community to interact with. The best part is the courses include beginner to advanced. Everyone has a chance to start at an appropriate level. 

  1. Lynda

For a personalized learning experience, Lynda is an excellent choice. It has also been a top resource for a long time. It even partnered with LinkedIn insights to help learners deepen knowledge about different topics. Each course contains videos and specific examples to facilitate learning. Anyone can learn something new for about $20 a month only. 

  1. The Odin Project

This place provides an opportunity for people who want to be expert in web development an excellent start. Tutorials, vlogs, and interactive quizzes are available. There are also options for those who wish to learn advanced topics on web development. The site offers guidance from the start until the end. There are also lots of chances to build quality projects, along with other learners. 

  1. Coursera 

Everyone who learns something new online probably heard of Coursera before. It’s the leading provider of MOOC or massive open online courses. It also partners with top universities around the world, including Ivy Leagues. Therefore, the courses offered are of top quality. The models offered by Coursera are somewhat serious and would require dedication from anyone who wants to learn. 

  1. Codewars

Codewars is a popular coding website allowing people to master their web development skills under a timed environment. Learners can choose from various challenges. There’s also an opportunity to compare responses with other learners to have an in-depth understanding of web development. It widens perspectives on the subject. 

  1. Pluralsight

This unique platform can help sharpen the coding skills needed for web development. The best part is the availability of the IQ assessment. It allows learners to determine where to start. There’s also a learning path to choose from. The courses feel personalized and suitable to anyone, regardless of background in web development. There’s a free trial available, and membership starts at $35.

  1. Khan Academy

This website is another massive online resource for various topics. Web development is among the most popular courses at Khan Academy. Most of the sessions are available for free. Try digging through the courses and find the perfect match. 

  1. Sitepoint

This website is a blog where anyone can learn web development for free. The content came from experts in the industry. They also compiled significant information for interested learners. However, there are also over 600 books for sale. Each one provides a deeper look at web development, and makes anyone a master in this field. The authors spent time studying web development and found ways to present the information well.

  1. Code Avengers

This resource is unique because it doesn’t only offer courses for people to learn. The activities are fun and interactive. Anyone who decides to learn web development in a fun environment should consider Code Avengers. The topics can be serious and challenging to understand. However, things will be better if presented in the same way as this site. 

Anyone can be a web designer

Given the significant number of online resources available, anyone can learn how to design a website. There’s no need to pursue an undergraduate degree to have a career in web development. Small business owners can also learn the basics of web development to create a quality website for the company. Of course, it’s better to work with experts, but there’s nothing wrong with learning something new. 

Learning web development seems interesting at first. Eventually, it becomes challenging, and learners might start falling off the wagon. However, with the right resource, learning can be fun and engaging. Remember that there’s a huge community of web development learners out there. They also find the process challenging, but they keep going. Working with them can make studying more relaxing, no matter how difficult it is. 

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