10 Software Technology Trends 2021

10 Software Technology Trends 2021

Technology is a constantly evolving market. In 2021, the industry forecast is set to reach $5 trillion which would reflect a 4.2% growth.

This kind of growth is completely standard for the industry and with rapid growth, comes rapid change. Businesses that do not do all that they can to grow with the industry and keep up with current trends are likely to fall behind.

With this in mind, we have set out to highlight the 10 software technology trends that you need to be aware of in 2021.

Read on to learn about all the exciting changes.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI in practice has been a lot less imposing than it was portrayed in movies a decade or two ago.

AI today powers image search technology, navigation apps, personal assistants such as Google Home and Alexa and the list grows longer every day as new ways to use it are discovered.

  1. 5G

5G has gotten some bad press but the reality of it is very exciting. The shift from 3G to 4G may not have felt like a huge leap when it happened but if anyone were to move back to using a 3G service today, the difference would be huge.

As other technologies evolve and streaming, video sharing, VR, and AR services become more commonplace, the networks which provide remote access to these services have to improve along with it.

5G in its infancy may not appear to be all that different from previous generations but as businesses evolve to utilize it more efficiently, the difference will become much more noticeable.

  1. IoT or Internet of Things Devices

IoT has come a long way in the last 5 years. As homes start to become smarter with the introduction of smart devices and home assistants, the desire for smart devices is growing.

You may think a smart fridge or toaster is unnecessary but the convenience that it offers is increasingly sought after. Smart home appliances and all sorts of devices are quickly being brought out in every area.

  1. Big Data

Along with the internet quickly becoming the chosen hub for people to shop and work and play, data is playing an increasingly vital role for consumers and businesses.

Effectively monitoring and taking control of your individual data as well as utilizing data in your company are important to understanding your customers and offering them the most relevant and accurate information.

  1. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Progressive web apps are becoming increasingly popular as people want to access information in an instant. Companies that have dedicated apps are starting to see the value of an app that can be accessed without downloading.

PWAs offer consumers the chance to access unique offers and data from a business immediately and without a specific app. This is great for storage on their phones, ease of use and the companies that use PWAs are seeing significant increases in users.

  1. Cloud

The Cloud is quickly developing with the necessity to have remote access to files that COVID has brought on.

Cloud storage and services like desktop virtualization are making it easier than ever to work from anywhere.

The Cloud is also being used by many individuals to store personal photos and other important data and access it from multiple devices.

  1. Blockchain

You may have only heard of blockchain in reference to cryptocurrencies and NFTs so far, but the technology offers advances in so many other ways as well.

Blockchain developer adds vital security measures in an increasingly digital world. In its simplest definition, blockchain is data that can only be added to, not taken away from. They are not controlled by one device alone, but instead, they are consensus-driven, meaning they don’t need a third party to validate the information as it validates itself.

  1. Edge Computing

Edge computing was born from the increasing popularity of cloud computing and the various flaws that were exposed in it through mass user experience.

Where cloud computing can fall victim to latency issues and gum up the working process, edge computing works quite literally on the edge of where your computers need them to be.

This speeds up the process and the technology is quickly becoming more popular.

  1. Great UX Is Vital

As people do more on their devices, the virtual world is expected to look and operate as smoothly as possible.

Design is a vital part of the process as well as how easily users can navigate your website or interact with your company digitally.

It is not enough to have a functional website and virtual presence anymore, it also needs to look and feel as high quality as possible.

  1. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR and AR)

VR and AR have been gaining prominence with the introduction of devices for use at home and the newest smartphones increasingly being built with AR technology integrated.

But both of these technologies are being used for a lot more than gaming or quirky gimmicks on your phone.

VR produces a virtual reality around the user while AR enhances the environment that is present.

AR is seeing great developments in marketing and consumer markets while VR is helping industries like medicine, the military, and many others to advance at breakneck speeds.

When trying to implement and stay on top of so many developing trends, it is important to have fast and efficient processes in place to be able to integrate the services into your business. This article by QualityLogic dives into 10 reasons to use agile software development.

Discover More Software Technology Trends

Keeping up with the latest software technology trends can take time, but these 10 trends are an excellent resource to start expanding your knowledge and learning how you can use them in your business in order to keep the competitive advantage.

Explore these top software trends and more by reading about them in the blog.

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