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10 Ways to Deal with a Receding Hairline

If you want to look younger and more attractive, look no further than your hair.

Studies show that people, and especially men, with more hair, appear more youthful and successful. Meanwhile, a receding hairline can make you seem older and less approachable.

If you’re struggling with a receding hairline, you may worry about your appearance and how others view you. Thankfully, there are several solutions to help improve your hairline and your confidence.

Learn how to fix a receding hairline with these 10 tips!

  1. Try OTC Options

First, one of the most beginner-friendly ways to improve your hairline is to visit your local pharmacy or drugstore.

There are safe and effective over-the-counter products designed especially for hair loss. For example, minoxidil is used in topical formulas to strengthen hair and treat balding.

If you start using a product with minoxidil, be sure to apply it properly and understand any potential side effects before using.

  1. Change Your Shampoo and Conditioner

Another easy option located in your supermarket or drugstore is shampoo and conditioner.

If you’re wanting to learn how to stop a receding hairline, make sure your shampoo and conditioner are helping, not hurting, your scalp. Skip harsh shampoos or two-in-one shampoo and conditioners.

Instead, use haircare products that are formulated for hair loss and hair recession. Saw palmetto is one ingredient that can be found in some shampoos and conditioners and can protect against receding hair.

Be sure to also use a moisturizing conditioner that keeps your scalp healthy. Look for conditioners that help to thicken hair and contain strengthening ingredients, such as biotin.

  1. Try Medications

If over-the-counter options aren’t working for you, visit your dermatologist for prescription medications.

Some medications work to block the enzymes that convert testosterone into DHT. This is important because DHT is a common culprit of hair loss and hairline recession. Using DHT-blocking medicines can help stop premature hair loss.

Be aware that prescription medications often carry more risks and side effects than other options. Be sure to discuss these and any other concerns with your doctor.

  1. Consider Injections

Another solution offered in a dermatologist’s office is receiving injections. Doctors can inject a steroid treatment directly into the scalp to alleviate hairline recession.

Another option is PRP, or platelet-rich plasma. In this treatment, blood is drawn from the patient, processed, and then injected into the hairline. PRP may be effective in promoting hair growth, but more research is needed.

  1. Stay Healthy

If your lifestyle isn’t healthy, it may show on your scalp.

Stress, poor diet, and lack of sleep can all negatively impact the health of our hair. While the causes of hairline recession often go beyond lifestyle choices, factors like chronic stress or vitamin deficiency can still play a major role in hair loss.

Take care of yourself and your body. If your diet isn’t rich in a variety of vitamins, take vitamin supplements. Biotin, iron, vitamin D, and several other vitamins and minerals can assist in regrowing your hairline.

  1. Turn to Tattooing

Tattoos can help to hide a receding hairline. And no, you don’t have to commit to tattooing a dragon or Chinese character on your head.

Instead, consider if scalp micropigmentation may be an ideal solution for your hair. Scalp micropigmentation is the process of tattooing small dots onto the scalp, creating the appearance of stubble where hair doesn’t grow.

This can work to fill in balding areas, such as a receding hairline, or it can be done on the entire scalp to create the illusion of a buzzcut.

Learn more about this procedure and how it works.

  1. Cover Up

If a receding hairline is killing your confidence, yet you aren’t ready to try creams and treatments, covering up may be the easiest solution available.

Wear hats and accessories (including baseball caps, beanies, headscarves, and headbands) to conceal your hairline. Throwing on a hat saves time, while also allowing you to create your own signature style.

  1. Use Oils

For a natural and eco-friendly option, natural oils may help.

Some natural oils are believed to stimulate hair growth, though this DIY route may not work for everyone.

Try oils like rosemary or peppermint oil diluted in olive oil. Massage the mixture onto the scalp and hairline after showering. This could help treat your receding hairline, while also moisturizing the scalp.

  1. Get a New Hairstyle

If your hairline is changing, it may be time to change your hairstyle too. Opt for hairstyles for a receding hairline, such as hair that can be swooped forward to cover the hairline.

There are also some haircuts that may be more suitable for hair loss. Visit your hairstylist or barbershop to discuss a receding hairline haircut.

For some people, embracing no hair may be one of the most empowering solutions. Shaving your hair and going for a completely bald look is one way to stop focusing on your hair and the shifting of your hairline.

  1. Consider a Hair Transplant

If you want your full head of hair back permanently, a hair transplant may be worth considering. Hair transplantation is the process of applying your own hair follicles to the hairline or other areas with hair loss.

The procedure is considered to be an effective and permanent solution, but it can also be intense and time consuming. It can take months for the scalp to heal after a hair transplant. In fact, it’s likely that you will lose more hair at first before new hair grows in.

However, after healing, the scalp is expected to never return to its previous pattern of hairline recession, even if some thinning does occur over time with age.

Stop Your Receding Hairline and Regain Confidence

Our appearance shapes how others view and judge us, and that includes our hair. If a receding hairline is making you feel self-conscious and unconfident, there are several solutions, from DIY massages to invasive clinical procedures.

Try some of these tips to build stronger hair and feel stronger on the inside too.

For more hair and beauty tips, read more in our lifestyle articles!

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