12 Travel Blogs That Are Off the Beaten Path

Whether you’re going somewhere for the first time or you’ve been a number of times but want a fresh perspective, reading travel blogs is a great idea. However, there are so many available that it can be hard to choose ones that will help. With that in mind, this list of some of the best travel blogs to follow is a great place to start; you’ll learn all kinds of interesting facts and little-known secrets to enhance any trip you might choose to make anywhere in the world.  

  1. Westgate Resorts

Westgate Resorts is well-known for offering excellent accommodation at great prices. However, did you know that you can also read their travel blog? Not only can you read it, you should read it. If anyone wants to travel, this is the blog they should start – and potentially end – their research with because it offers a plethora of insights and information into a variety of different destinations. You’ll get tips and how-to guides as well as more in-depth articles about specific places.

Some recent blog posts include 45 Fun Things To Do Alone In NYC, The Ultimate Summer Bucket List For Families, and The 20 Best Rooftop Restaurants in NYC.

  1. Legal Nomads

The founder of Legal Nomads, Jodi, was a lawyer – hence the name of this travel blog – but found that she was drawn to a more nomadic and interesting lifestyle. She reclaimed her life and began traveling, writing as she went. Her goal is to give people a true insight – the good, bad, and ugly – of wherever she goes so they can make up their own minds about whether or not to follow in her footsteps. You’ll find tips and advice aplenty here.

Recent posts include Silence and Spiders: 10 Days at a Vipassana Meditation Course, Revisiting the Solo Female Travel Experience, and On Taking Risks, Passion and Finding Your Path in Life.

  1. Migrationology

People travel for all kinds of reasons, and if your particular reason happens to be food, Migrationology is the travel blog for you. Here you’ll find different places and cultures explored through the cuisines they produce, and thanks to the writer, Mark’s, excellent storytelling skills, you’ll feel as though you’re there, all but tasting the food he is describing.

What kinds of posts can you find on Migrationology? Some examples are Wat Phu Tok – Visiting The Most Thrilling (and Dangerous?) Temple in Thailand, Chicken Rice Balls at Kedai Kopi Chung Wah, and Brazilian Beef and GIGANTIC Ribs.

  1. Lovicarious

If you thought a travel blog had to be all about big adventures on the other side of the world, and if that meant that your own smaller-scale adventure didn’t seem to fit, don’t worry – Lovicarious is an ideal travel blog for you as it focuses on what the writes call ‘microadventures’. This new idea when it comes to travel is what makes this blog a unique one, but the great writing and interesting topics cement it as the one you need to read. It’s all about day trips or ideas for dates, or even things you can do on a staycation.

Some examples of recent posts include How To Survive A Timeshare Presentation: Tips You Need To Know, Geocaching Basics: A Simple Guide For Beginners, and The Philosophy Of Microadventures.

  1. The Travel Book

There is something very specific behind the fantastic adventures and fun stories on The Travel Blog. Started by a couple who travel together, they wanted to help the world become a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly place, and their travel blog goes into details about that and how to travel without harming the planet. It’s great that these writers have not ignored the fact that travel has an impact on the environment and are opening talking about it.

Past posts include Discover All The Hidden Gems In Denmark, The Best Travel Camera And Travel Gear, and Lofoten – Must See Places.

  1. Not A Nomad Blog

A lot of travel blogs are written by people who have quit their jobs and travel full-time. There is nothing wrong with that – in fact, it’s great and makes for fascinating stories – but not everyone can do it. Not A Nomad Blog is written by people who still work as well as travel, for people who work and want to travel. The main focus of this travel blog is the images, which are fascinating, but the stories are just as interesting and are well worth looking into, especially if you’re looking for the ideal work-life balance.

Some of the posts you can find on the blog include 22 Amazing Things to Do in the Harz Mountains, Germany, Spreewald, Germany: Tips for Brandenburg’s Prettiest Forest, and 3 Days in Santorini: Dream Itinerary for First-time Visitors.

  1. Oneika The Traveller

If the unusual name Oneika is familiar to you, it might be because of Oneike Raymond, host of the Travel Channel, and it’s actually she who writes the amazing content for Oneika The Traveller. She uses her travel blog to write even more content than she would ever be able to tell the viewers of her show, and it’s vibrant, fun, and exciting, no matter where or what she is writing about. She also enjoys writing specifically about the black female traveling experience, which is not something many other bloggers focus on.

Some examples of the content on this blog include A Weekend at the Westgate New York Grand Central Hotel, Why You Should Visit Maine In The fall, and How I Afford My Bucket List Trips.

  1. Two Monkeys Travel Group

There are luxury travel blogs, and there are adventure travel blogs, but have you ever seen a travel blog that combines the two different elements? Perhaps not, until now. Two Monkeys Travel Group is the blog you’ve been waiting for if you love adventure but want it to be a comfortable trip. Here you’ll get a real insight into how to travel well and make the most of whatever budget or destination you might have in mind.

For example, recent posts include 10 Things to Do in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Liliha Bakery – The Best Bread and Pastry Shop in Waikiki, and Top Reasons To Visit New Zealand.

  1. TravelBreak

Stephanie, a writer at TravelBreak, first started traveling in Australia but soon decided she wanted to see more, so she began traveling more widely. Now the blog is full of her adventures from all over the world, focusing mainly on the female experience. What’s great about TravelBreak is that not only are the stories wonderful and written in a captivating manner but ten percent of all the money made from the blog is donated to students needing tuition.

On the blog right now, you can read 5 Peruvian Sites You Missed Haulin’ Bum to Machu Picchu, Adventurous is the New Pretty: 20 Female Travel Bloggers Redefining Beauty, and 21 Spectacular Photos that Will Send You to Serengeti National Park.

  1. Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is a great place to start if you want a travel blog that can offer a lot all in one place. The site has millions of visitors every year, and they keep coming back for more, so you can be sure the content is interesting and useful. Matt himself even hosts a travel forum – The Nomadic Network – to offer more advice and insights that you can find on the blog. The two-way conversation is pretty unique when it comes to travel bloggers.

Examples of site content include How To Overcome Being Alone When You Travel, The Best, Most Delicious Food Tour In Madrid, and House Sitting and Living Like A Local.

  1. Hand Luggage Only

Hand Luggage Only is run by Yaya and Lloyd, and between them, they come up with some fantastic information, how-to guides, tips, and stories about their travels. The ethos of the site is, as the name suggests, about traveling light and enjoying the journey as well as the destination, and if you can go anywhere with ‘hand luggage only,’ you’re making a great start. You’ll feel a real connection with the writers, and that only enhances the blog even more.

What can you read on Hand Luggage Only? There’s a lot, but some examples are 14 Very Best Places On A Big Sur Road Trip In California, 11 Very Best Things To Do In Philadelphia, USA, and 10 Best Restaurants In Nashville You Have To Try.

  1. Passport To Eden

Passport To Eden is a rather different kind of travel blog. Or rather, it has some extras to make it stand out. The content is great and details Anshula’s travels to many exciting places, but on top of that, she writes about a monthly book club series that is there to entertain and inspire anyone who wants to go traveling as she does. In essence, you can travel from the comfort of your own home through these great book choices.

To get started on this blog, read Top 22 US States To Visit In 2022, What To Wear For A Passport Photo (And What Not To), and 5 Noma Books That Will Make You Hungry.

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