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14 Affordable Ways to Elevate Your Home

14 Affordable Ways to Elevate Your Home

Have you brought an enormous amount of home decor items but still aren’t satisfied with your interiors?

Do you need high-end home decor but the decoration budget is too tight to afford one?

Are you confused with what new you can do to your home decor since you’ve almost tried everything?

If these three questions disturb you then don’t worry, you are at the right place – Dekor Company Blogs. We understand that decorating homes can be an overwhelming task in terms of all the effort and money involved. Hence we have come up with 14 affordable ways to elevate your home which involves basic changes and results in stunning interiors.


Surprisingly, the most affordable way to make your home decor look elegant on a budget is decluttering. Remove any extra furniture or decoration items. Liberate the space and regularly clean, dust, and vacuum. It makes your home feel high-end. When all the stains and spots on the area rugs are removed, their finish is restored and they look good as new. Similarly for your furniture and windows. Naturally, light readily fills the room, and there is instant brightness and positivity that helps you feel better about your home, and lets home decor items like pillows, accessories, paint, lighting, and flooring stand out.


Now that you have decluttered, the simplest, easiest, and most affordable way to add aesthetics to your home is to go GREEN. Add plants—be it hanging plants, plant frames, faux plants, big indoor plants, and succulents. You can keep them in lavish vases or keep the whole pot inside. Dekor Company has multiple options from ceramic to glass vases, small to big, all of them being handcrafted, hence pick what you like. Even the flowers would add a pop of colors to your ambiance. Don’t forget to look for aesthetic accessories for flower pots or hanging plant baskets, such as base plates, etc.


Most average homes lack the necessary home decor accessories that are essential for elegant interiors. While many would debate that they are expensive, the exact opposite is true. Pick on interesting decoration items, few family treasures out of the attic or purchase affordable showpieces that denote your personal style.  Thoughtfully select interesting pieces and don’t clutter. If you are looking for aesthetic showpieces then try stallion, elephant, or pineapple decoration items from Dekor Company. Completely unique & Stunning! Your existing decoration will come off as charming.


Make a compact home look bigger by adding big mirrors. This opens the space up and brightens your home. Pick unique frames for added aesthetics. Hang them and prop them against a wall. A large mirror serves many functions in a house. It becomes impactful wall art and when angled against the wall and it tricks you to think the ceiling line is higher than it is. If you are confused with what to pick try Miramar antique or Sofia asymmetric designer mirrors from Dekor Company; an ensemble of smaller mirrors placed artistically looks stunning as well. Let the magic begin!


The quickest way to refresh the look of your space without new furniture is to rearrange the existing one.  A fresh perspective can change the look completely. Doing so, utilize the space while keeping it uncluttered. Flip the living room sofa to face the other direction, pull furniture’s away from the wall decoration, and rotate the chairs around the room until you find an ideal placement. Think of a layout that will make your home look more spacious. Experiment with different furniture arrangements.

Wall Shelves

Instead of buying a cupboard add a display unit to your home that won’t consume space and will become a beautiful center of attraction, being the wall art. Get a chic or fancy wall shelf, display your books, collections, memorabilia, vintage pieces, or any other quirky possessions. You can even look for shelves with a boldly patterned backdrop. Rotate objects in and out from time to time and flaunt the vignette in style.

Accent Furniture

Buying big couches could go heavy on the pocket so save the amount by switching to accent furniture instead. Instead of a large coffee table, try accent tables on both ends of the living room sofa. For example “The Mystique Tube Double Decker Accent Round Table”. It is a double-decker table made out of marble – gives enough space to hold snacks and magazines at the same time and doesn’t consume a lot of space. For seating, you can go for “The Scottish Plaid Accent Lounge Chair”. It’s luxe, super comfy, and durable. Hence lifts up the space instantly. Just like these, there are many other accent furniture options available at Dekor Company, go visit online now!

Metal Wall Art

Quit paintings and turn an ensemble of plates into a fun display. Use metal wall art and glam up your walls. You can either pick items from your collection or find something from Dekor Company metal wall arts. They come in various colors and sizes and create a focal point; you won’t need any other kind of wall art to fill the walls. For example “The Doors of Morocco Metal Wall Art Panel” – an unmatchable metal wall art in Gold & Brown. Metal wall art like these have been intricately designed, ensuring they look radiant for many years to come. Plan out your arrangement and let your wall art shine!

Canvas Paintings

If you are a fan of abstract art, canvas paintings are the right pick for you. Pick a large canvas painting, buy paintings online India, and showcase it in your living room or gallery way. Beautify it with background lighting or pick 3 Panel Paintings for added grandeur like “Luxe of Fluid 3 Panel framed canvas print”.  The Designed in ocean green and glittering gold and it’s a set of 3 portrait panels enclosed within a golden frame. This 3D wall print was developed using premium technology with fade-resistant colors that offer longevity. This kind of focal point, created by canvas paintings in a room attracts the eye and helps create an upmarket ambience.


Lighting can make a big difference. Splash of natural light coming in throughout the day or cozy environment in the evening with light from sunset – have their own magic. While the added delicate lamps, fairy lights, or shimmery candles, lend an extraordinary charm. A standard chandelier would be many people’s dream but could be costly for some. Hence get the high-end lighting look without the high-end price with simple tricks. Invest in candle stands like “The Emerald Jade Decorative Candle Stand”, table lamps like “The Teal Green Decorative Table Lamp”, or floor lamps like “The Hampton Floor Lamp”. Place the lamps and candles on accent tables, shelves, or distant corners. Just let them shimmer and glow!


Rugs have the power to elevate your ambiance. Change your area rugs or throw rugs and look how your space becomes new and fresh. Try different textures of rugs with abstract and contemporary patterns from Dekor Company. For an instance “Seismic Waves Patterned Floor Rug” – unique, stylish, and ready to accent your decor with authentic elegance. Its power-loomed construction adds durability and ensuring it will be a favorite for the a long time. The design is finely detailed using premium natural hues. Every time you land your feet on this rug, it will give you a soft & smooth feel, letting you relax and dream. Add extra oomph to your floors without much hassle.


You can indeed walk into a home and be disappointed with the perfect home decor if homeware is shabby. Get elegant, more expensive-looking homeware pieces that can even be used as standalone items. Invest in long-wear finish and exquisite material like ceramic, marble, tin etc. but be mindful of budget. Pieces like “Glace Reindeer Holder Ceramic Snack Bowl”, “Collette Ceramic Wine Bottle Holder”, “Polk Street Air Tight Bread Box” or “Green Paradise Two Tier Cake Plate” from Dekor Company are affordable and luxurious. They are made from 100% food-safe material and hygienic apart from being beautiful. Next time eat in style!


A timeless piece of a clocks can override anything, and everything that your wall can ever have. Such is the charisma of the wall clock! Talking of the budget then even a vintage classic can be affordable. Experiment with clocks with gear work, roman numerals or Arabic, or the hanging ones and open movement ones. Dekor Company has its own large collection of English and Roman wall clocks.

There are clocks in a wooden framework, solid glass, and metal. They look perfect in your living area, office entrance, or big dining hall. Discover More on how you can change the decor of your living room using wall clocks on the internet.

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes could be something you wouldn’t have heard or seen before. These are enclosed glass-front display cases with objects in a thematic grouping. If you are new to these then go browse Dekor Company’s shadow boxes collection. Shadow boxes like “The Oriental Feather Shadow Box” bring a touch of elegance to your home. Craftsmen took beautiful white feather replicas and assembled them carefully inside a glass-paneled shadow box with a solid wood frame. The end result is this abstract wall decoration with a striking 3D visual effect. You can display it on your wall dekor or countertop for years, with minimum maintenance required.

As you have realized, there are several budget-friendly ways to make your home look elegant and rich, it’s time to make the right decisions. Take time to create a budget for each section of your home. Search for “buy home decor India online”, you will be mesmerized with products online especially in Dekor Company’s store. Our materials are handpicked and exquisite. Remember less is more if the decor pieces are rich and durable. You will be surprised how easily you will get an elegant looking home even on a tight budget.

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