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Wolf 223 Bulk Ammo For Sale. The 223 Remington is a rimless, bottle-necked rifle cartridge. It was named 223 Remington by the SAAMI and 223 Rem by the CIP. It was created in 1957 by Remington Arms and Fairchild Industries for the U. S. Army’s Troops Command to produce a small-caliber, high-velocity handgun.

The 223 Remington is among the most popular cartridges, and it may be found in various semi-automatic and manual-action rifles and handguns. This ammo is known as “Cartridge, 5.56 mm ball M193” in the United States Army. The 223 Remington has also been used to build the 5.5645mm NATO. Remington introduced the Model 760 rifle, chambered for 223 Remington, in December 1963.

This cartridge can be used for different purposes like self-defense or home security. It has always been in use for military purposes and law enforcement. Moreover, it can also be used for hunting and shooting.

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