240l Recycling Bin: Meaning, Benefits and Food Waste Bins

240l Recycling Bin: Meaning, Benefits and Food Waste Bins

Recycling bins come in various shapes, colours, and sizes. The 240l recycling bin is the most common standard council bin size. Using a recycling bin helps in minimizing the quantity of waste that gets to landfill. 

Ecobin helps promote recycling in the office and at home by providing tools to manage your waste. These tools include compost bins, colour-coded waste bags and bins, and wheelie bins.

What Is a Recycling Bin?

A recycling bin is a container that holds recyclables before they are recycled and exits in different sizes used inside and outside offices, homes, and extensive public facilities. 

You can recycle rigid plastics/bottles, metals, glass, paper, and cardboard. There are often separate containers for tin or aluminum cans, glass or plastic bottles, and paper. 

The purple recycling bin is for glass recycling, blue bins for paper recycling, yellow for mixed recycling, red for landfill, green for organic, and white for soft plastic. 

Benefits of a Recycling Bin

Humans generate a lot of trash yearly, causing the environment to suffer. However, proper waste management is a simple and fail-proof method of addressing this issue. 

You can redirect unwanted waste sent to landfills using our indoor and outdoor bins by separating the waste when throwing it out. Below are the benefits of a recycling bin.

240l Recycling Bin: Meaning, Benefits and Food Waste Bins

1. The Quality

The indoor bins are durable and washable; that way, you can make maximum use of them. In addition, recycling bins are cleaned quickly with damp cloth. 

The outdoor containers are equally made with water-resistant and high-quality materials fashioned to be washable and durable. Also, our wheelie bins have been solid and capable of withstanding wear and tear for several years. 

2. The Range

There’s a range of indoor bins, including 12Lt mixed and paper recycling bins, 25Lt and 60Lt recycling bins, and the small 1Lt desktop mini bins. Also, there are the standard 120Lt and 240Lt wheelie bins in the outdoor range. 

The dimension of a 240l recycling bin is 106cm Height × 58cm Width × 73cm Depth. Our 240l recycling bin is available for you to purchase for commercial, housing, or domestic purposes.

3. The Cost

The high-quality plastic wheelie bins are cost-friendly and affordable. In comparison, plastic wheelie bins cost less than the metal alternative. The cost per bin will drop if you are purchasing more than one bin. 

Skip Hire Chorley is one of the best choice for you to manage food waste in your commercial or other property.

Food Waste Bins

Since food waste is not suitable for landfills, many cities are beginning to collect food waste separately for composting it. Here are a few kitchen recycling bin options:

1. All-Around Compost Bin

It has a charcoal filter and an airtight lid that helps to trap and control odour. The kitchen compost container has a durable and attractive design and will not rust.

2. Space-Saving Compost Bin

This hanging bin features a hook that allows tucking it inside cabinets by hanging on the door or a wall.

3. Compostable Bags

Compostable bags are derived from plant starch, and they aid in keeping counters and bins clean.

4. Kitchen Caddy Bin

The kitchen caddy is among the top bins for collecting food waste and was designed primarily for residential programs. This bin has clips to keep compostable bags steady, a locking lid, and high recycling content. Also, there is an optional lid version that includes charcoal or vented filters.


The standard 240l recycling bin has dramatically helped to process waste products in the past few decades. The benefits of a recycling bin are the quality, range, and cost—recycling aids in reducing pollution, energy conservation, and landfill reduction. 

Also, a few food waste bins include the all-around compost bin (steel bin), space-saving compost bin, compostable bags, and caddy bins.

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