3 Alternative Approaches to Marketing Your Charity

3 Alternative Approaches to Marketing Your Charity

As a charity, you might feel as though the means that you have to market your cause are more limited than what might be available to a successful business. However, that doesn’t have to mean that you’re stuck with less-than-satisfactory options. If you’ve been feeling as though you’ve been limited regarding your marketing, it might be time to completely overhaul your approach with less conventional means.

This can not only help to reinvigorate the image of your charity in the eyes of your audiences, but it gives you a chance to start somewhat fresh – launching new messages and campaigns in conjunction with these fresh methods of marketing.

The Promotional Offer

The idea of the promotional offer is a popular one in business marketing. A limited-time offer, often coming in the form of something like a free trial, can provide old customers with a reason to rally behind the company, while new customers are finally allowed to see what they’re all about – giving the business a chance to make a lasting impression. You might not have the same opportunity as a charity, exactly, but you can get involved with a promotional event that can offer your audiences something as they support you. This might come in the form of a managed charity lottery service – providing your followers with an opportunity to get involved and potentially win big themselves, and the event itself is something you can market heavily through social media channels.

The Community Event

This isn’t the only type of event that you can get involved with, however, and you might find that, as a charity, your interests are more locally focused. As a result of that, you might find that immersing yourself in the local community is the best way to create lasting connections and make an impact on those who live in the area.

A community event might see several local businesses or charities working together to create a day that looks to get the public involved. This could just be a fun day out for the whole family that gets people involved or teaches them about your cause through guided walks or talks. Those just turning up for something to do might leave with a stronger impression of what you do and why they want to support you.

Seizing an Opportunity

In business, it’s not unusual to see a company jump on the bandwagon of a social issue to rally its audiences behind them. This might mean that they donate money towards a particular issue, as a show that they’re serious about what they say. As a charity, you’re likely the cause that such businesses are donating to in the first place. With these kinds of connections comes an opportunity. Those businesses are going to have a lot of attention on these types of donations, and with that attention, comes the prospect of new audiences – and capitalising on the moment might see a lot of these people turning their attention to you for the long haul.

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