3 Effective Ways to Prevent Your Smartphone from Being Tracked

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Hundreds of corporations and agencies are tracking your phone, which is legal since you permitted them to monitor this data when you downloaded their app and implicitly (or explicitly) consented to their terms of service.

Some companies give us legitimate reasons for cell phone tracking, such as counting our steps or providing navigation. However, these companies (and, more importantly, the advertisers on which they rely) now have compromising and personal details about your life that you would not want them to have. 

We’re sure you might already know that our phones are used to track us in many ways, but did you know that you can control that?

Yes, you can control the extent of your phone being tracked simply by being diligent. 

In this article, you will find three simple ways to quickly stop your smartphone from getting tracked in 3 simple ways. 

Who is Tracking my Smartphone?

Your phone can be tracked in unexpected ways. Sometimes your workplace even tracks your phone, especially if you have a company issues device or are connected to a corporate network. Moreover, plenty of apps and phone services have built-in tracking. Sometimes, these features help, but most of the time, people are unaware they are being tracked in the background.

The New York Times examined up to 250 iPhone apps in 2019 to check how certain apps tracked users. The results were shocking as nearly two-thirds of apps collected data on their users. 

So, suppose you use your phone for many personal and business-related reasons throughout the day. In that case, you need to stay anonymous and secure using a reliable VPN server like a Chicago VPN. 

How to Stop My Phone from Being Tracked?

Stopping your smartphone from being tracked is somewhat within your control. It’s easier than you think if you know what to do. 

Listed below are the three best ways to block your phone from being tracked by third-party apps and ISPs:

1. Turn off Location Settings

The quickest and most straightforward approach to stop being tracked is to disable app-based location settings on your smartphone. This setting instructs your device not to share GPS data with your installed applications. At the very least, it ensures that your GPS position is not being tracked when the app is closed, as such a practice is seldom justified.

2. Use a VPN 

When feasible, utilize private surfing settings in browsers like Firefox, or better yet, use a VPN on your phone.

We recommend you use a VPN that does not log personal or IP information. A VPN can run on your smartphone or tablet smoothly. If you’re concerned about your phone’s privacy, ensure the VPN you select has simple iOS and Android apps without complicated features.

While a VPN does not necessarily protect your GPS data, it prevents cookies and hides your actual IP address, which is another way these corporations watch you.

To stay anonymous and private, ensure to use completely secure VPN servers, such as a Chicago VPN server. 

3. Use a Secure Messaging App

The third and last option is to use an encrypted messaging service such as Signal or WhatsApp to prevent your phone from being tracked. These apps encrypt your messages, making them impossible for others to read. They’re also fantastic for communicating with friends and family that value their privacy.

Final Thoughts

There are other techniques to safeguard your privacy, but these three are the most effective. Use a secure Chicago VPN server, turn off your location services or use a secure messaging app. Choose the most convenient way and begin safeguarding your privacy right now!

Do you have any other tips for protecting your privacy? Please share them in the comments section! Also, if you found this blog helpful, share it with your friends and family!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs

Can my smartphone be tracked if location services are turned off?

Location History is a feature that maintains track of where you’ve been and any addresses you punch in. If you turn it off, your smartphone will solely utilize GPS to determine your location.

How to know that your smartphone is being tracked?

There is no sure way to know if third parties are tracking your smartphone. However, if you feel that someone is tracking your smartphone, try resetting your password because this is how your phone is usually tracked – someone might have your Apple ID and password. 

Can you fake your GPS location on your smartphone?

Android and iOS phones lack options that allow you to mask your actual location. Many applications, like ride-sharing, dating, and food delivery services, will not function unless you provide accurate GPS information. However, there are third-party apps that act as GPS spoofers. Remember that they don’t disguise your IP address, so services may still track you down. To conceal your location, use a Chicago VPN server with these services.

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