3 Key Tips for Laying Carpet That You Should Know

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Carpet continues to be one of the most popular home flooring designs today. It makes up about 50% of the flooring market in the UK. A good carpet is not only in design. The construction matters just as much.

Laying carpet is one of the most important aspects of the installation. There are a few rules to follow to ensure a secure finish. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Install a Secure Base

Before you install a carpet, you want to make sure it remains in place as you work. There are a few ways you can do this.

One way is by installing a tackless strip that works as the framework of the job. If you opt for a tackless strip, make sure that pins face the adjacent wall. You may also use an adhesive, which will work best on concrete floors.

The best type to choose will depend on your flooring. Stick-down grippers are ideal in situations where you can’t nail them into the floor.

Install Carpet Padding

After securing the carpet, you can work on installing carpet padding within the framework. You will need to cut the padding to size using a utility knife. As a note, you want the side with the slick membrane to face upwards.

Make sure there is no overlapping. You should lay the carpet loosely to get the most accurate position. A competent installer will know to expect seams in low-visibility areas. These seams are cut later before pressing down the carpet.

Lay the Edges

One of the last stages of carpet installation is having a floor covering. This will give a “clean” finish as well as provide extra grip. Another way you can finish the edges is to fold the carpet underneath itself.

This will also provide extra hold. If you go for this option when you are laying carpet, you need to remember to stop the fold at the carpet padding.

You can also use integral-pad carpeting to bond carpet using its own cushioned backing. This option will remove the need for a carpet pad altogether.

You may want to use integral-pad carpeting if you plan to install carpet in a small space. For example, this may be in your closet or bathroom.

Laying Carpet the Professional Way

When it comes to laying carpet, you can ensure a smooth end result when you follow the right steps and have the proper tools. Laying carpet involves steps such as installing a secure base, padding, and floor covering.

Be sure to clean the floor well before you lay the edges of a carpet to prevent curling. Carpet fitting is far from complex. Whether you are replacing old carpets or decide to install new ones, you will have the perfect outcome each time with these tips.

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