3 Reasons to Use PDFBear for Converting PDF to Excel

3 Reasons to Use PDFBear for Converting PDF to Excel

Even though there are two completely different file formats, PDF files and Excel spreadsheets are both useful in their own ways. PDF files are often used for file sharing and printing documents, while Excel spreadsheets are used to computer numbers, grades, and other data. The latter is also used to make spreadsheets that will be converted to a different file format such as Word or PDF and then printed before being used for school or work.

Hence, there will be instances when a spreadsheet in a PDF file needs to be converted to Excel, such as when some errors in the file are located or when some data in the document needs to be computed again. There are many ways to convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets, among them are using online file converters on the Internet. While this is the least popular option compared to using Microsoft Excel, a website that converts PDF to Excel still has many benefits that several users could take advantage of.

Convert PDF to Excel Safely and Securely

At first, converting PDF to Excel using a website might seem a bad idea for some people. One of the biggest, if not the biggest concern that most people have with online PDF-to-Excel converters is the presence of malware, viruses, and other cybersecurity threats on the Internet. These fears are not completely unfounded though, as cybercriminals often lurk on networks, especially open ones like public Wi-Fi so that they could either obtain sensitive information illicitly or even plant malware and viruses on files being transferred to the Internet. But in reality, using a website to convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets is just as safe as using other methods to perform this task.

It may not seem believable, but many websites that offer a PDF-to-Excel conversion service are committed to ensuring the safety and security of their users. This is usually shown through the existence of a Data Privacy Policy that serves as a guarantee from the website to the user that their files and the data inside it will not be used for any other purposes other than converting the said file. Aside from that, most online converters take security to the next step and delete the file used for conversion for a certain period of time after the process has finished, usually an hour or even less.

You Don’t Need to Create an Account or Install Any Software

One of the biggest advantages that most people will immediately notice when using a website to convert PDF to Excel is that they would no longer need to sign in to any account or even install a software or app on their computers or mobile devices just to use them. This makes the conversion process easier and more convenient but also more accessible, as they don’t need to take extra steps that could take a lot of time before using the website to convert their PDF files to Excel.

This is in contrast to using a software to convert PDF to Excel, notably Microsoft Excel. While signing in to a Microsoft account is not necessarily required (but recommended) before you could use the software, you could use Microsoft Excel on limited platforms such as Android phones and Windows computers plus you would need to install either the Android app version or the Microsoft software version of Excel before you could use it.

Use Any Device or Browser to Convert PDF to Excel

Speaking of platform and software, because websites that convert PDF to Excel use cloud-based technologies to work, you can use them on any mobile device such as an Android or iOS smartphone or on any computer running on either Android, macOS, Chrome OS, or even Linux. You can use them on any device that has any web browser installed in it, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. This means that you can use them anytime and anywhere you want, which is perfect if you are suddenly asked to convert files for work and study and you are far away from your computer to use Microsoft Excel or if you cannot install the said software on your Android device. In contrast to these websites and as mentioned previously, Microsoft Excel could be downloaded and used on limited platforms only, especially Windows and Android.


Using a website to convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets may not seem to be the most popular option around, but it wouldn’t certainly hurt to try one if you want to have your files converted quickly and accurately. After all, many websites that convert PDF to Excel offer the same security, safety, and speed as what other software and methods, such as Microsoft Excel, could provide.

But even if this is the case, there are so many online PDF-to-Excel converters on the Internet that you can use, each with its own features aside from the advantages previously mentioned in this article. Yet if you are looking for a website that could convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets swiftly, precisely, safely, and conveniently, then you can trust PDFBear for your file conversion needs.

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