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3 Trendy Tips On Updating Your Chest Of Drawers

Being a homeowner entails many difficult chores. Regardless of your home’s size, you have to always look out for any repairs. And despite not seeing any damage, it’s still ideal to schedule maintenance for areas inside your home that are susceptible to wear and other harmful elements.

While paying attention to the house is crucial, you might find yourself neglecting what’s occupying the space inside it, particularly your furniture. Whether they came with the house or you bought them separately, they are bound to be subjected to the effects of time, especially when they are used often. Therefore, you might find your chest of drawers looking rough around the edges from time to time.

However, instead of throwing it away, why not give it a makeover? Below are some tips on updating your chest of drawers.

  1. Consider Its Surroundings

Much like how you plan out which plant is perfect for a yard with an underground piping system, you’re likely to have your chest of drawers’ environment taken into account. Knowing how the finished product would look can lead you to a better shot of knowing whether the newly modified shelf looks good with the rest of the room.

Moreover, always bear in mind the person occupying that room. You will need to consult with them first. It is the most crucial step before designing your chest of drawers since it’s supposed to complement the room’s inhabitants, besides the room itself. If they are children, you can let loose and splash some colors over the chest to make it look more appealing. However, you must ensure the colors you pick for the chest fit the room’s color scheme. On the other hand, if you’re using your chest of drawers as part of a dedicated workspace, be as creative as you want.

  1. Think Outside The Box

To be honest, painting is one of the few activities that people rarely dislike. There’s no doubt about having the capability to change something’s appearance based on what you’ve envisioned—or at least have it as close to it as possible – is fulfilling. And with that fulfillment, a sense of relief always follows close behind. After all, whatever the medium’s used, creating is one of humanity’s innate talents.

It only makes sense for you to go beyond painting a fresh coat or varnishing your chest of drawers with that logic. You might also want to aim for uniqueness. Even in painting, there are ways to use it differently. You can consider the following techniques in redesigning your chest of drawers:

  • Splash painting – instead of simply replacing the color of your entire drawer, why not splatter different colors all over its surface? As long as you stick with your color scheme, you can either splatter paint or leave it dripping down the length of the chest drawer.
  • Using a stencil – outline patterns or words to your drawers for a neat design.
  • Incorporating crafts – other than painting, you can also give your chest a makeover by incorporating different arts and crafts into the fray. It can range from being as simple as applying some stickers all over the furniture as a collage or creating fantastic decoupage out of torn pieces of your old wallpaper. Even letting your quirkiness show by including new textures from overlays would bring your work more recognition for creativity.
  1. Restore Or Add Parts

As amazing and fulfilling it is to upgrade your chest of drawers, you might want to keep its elegant and antique look. It may have been a furniture piece that was passed on to you from your mother, or maybe it used to look sophisticated and beautiful before. If this is your case, a restoration might be what you’re looking for.

On the other hand, if you think the piece of furniture lacks something, a change should already be in order. You may do whatever you think would fit the piece better, whether replacing the old drawer pulls or using 3D wooden labels as labels.

Wrapping It Up

On top of how busy life gets, maintaining one’s home can get extremely demanding, especially if you lack experience and knowledge in crafting or electrical works. As a result, you may overlook the inside of your house. Therefore, once you’ve managed things well much more smoothly, you may look into updating one of your furniture, namely your chest of drawers.

You might have them in every room since the chest of drawers is a storage unit. Objects that range from figurines to books are kept here. And despite its simple purpose, it may not mean that upgrading it is an easy project. So, if you’re ever interested in updating this piece, you need to take it one step at a time to make sure you’re doing it right.

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