4 Benefits of Nightlight Covers over Standard Nightlights

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Nightlights are a go-to solution for providing you with a little extra lighting at night. Whether you want to make it easier to take those late-night trips to the bathrooms or you have a child who’s scared of the dark, a nightlight can solve a lot of problems. But they can create a few problems too. Here are a few reasons you should consider illuminated outlet covers instead of standard nightlights.

Get Your Outlet Back

For starters, nightlights take up an outlet socket—and are sometimes big enough that they cover the second socket in an outlet too. When the nightlight is built into the outlet plate instead, you get to keep access to both sockets while still getting the light you need. This is perfect for bathrooms, where you might want to have a little light for midnight calls from nature, but you also want to charge your electric toothbrush or razor throughout the night. 

Sensor Activation

Nightlight outlet covers are also activated through a light-detecting sensor. This means you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn the nightlight in your house on before you go to bed. If you rely on a timer for your nightlights, you won’t have to worry about adjusting that timer as the seasons change either. They will always activate when the sensor notices that the light has faded in the room. There are nightlights that have built-in sensors, but as stated above, these will take up your outlet space.

Longer Lasting

If you feel like you’re constantly replacing your nightlight bulbs, it’s probably because you are. Those bulbs don’t last long. And, unfortunately, the nightlights themselves aren’t especially durable either. They usually have cheap plastic casings that crack easily if something bumps into them, and because they stick out from the wall by an inch or 2, it’s not uncommon for them to get bumped. Built-in nightlights are out of the way, so they don’t get struck and damaged, and the bulbs will last for years at a time.

Downwards Illumination

When you need a light in the middle of the night, you usually don’t need the whole room lit up; you just need to be able to see where you’re walking. Most nightlights cast a glow all over a room, which can often be much more than you need, and may even be too bright on sleepy, groggy eyes. Nightlight outlet covers have the lights built into the bottom of the plate cover, so they illuminate the floor without shining up into your eyes.

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