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4 Best Types of Beer You Need to Try

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42% of American drinkers prefer beer as their beverage of choice. Deciding between the best types of beers can seem daunting to new drinkers. However, you owe it to yourself to choose some of the most popular beer types.

Trying a beer for new drinkers can be strange if you don’t know what to expect. Beer ingredients consist of hops, grains, and malts. These give a beer its distinct taste that many drinkers enjoy.

That said, these basic ingredients can craft a ton of different types of beer with nuances favored by even the pickiest of palates. Read on to find out 4 common types of beer so you can choose the best beer for you.

1. Lagers

Lagers are a wide variety of beers that tend to be lower in alcohol content and more mild tasting than many other forms of beer. Lagers are a lighter beer which allows you to drink more of them before becoming intoxicated or full.

Lagers tend to be gold in color and their taste is less pronounced than other forms of beer. They are an excellent choice for new beer drinkers as they are not overpowering. Check Remedy Brewing Company for some examples.

2. India Pale Ale

India Pale Ales, or IPA’s for short are an increasingly popular beer for the modern drinker. They are favored by the younger crowd in many circles due to their distinct taste, high alcohol content, and hoppy character.

Everything about IPA’s is dominated by hops. Many feel as if the more hops an IPA has, the better it is. This gives IPA’s their distinct bitter taste. With a high alcohol content, strong taste, and heavier body, they command respect.

History of IPA’S

Indian pale ales got their start as a product of the British Navy. On the long journey to India, traditional British lagers would go bad.

“Skunking” is the term for this as the bad beer would produce a pungent skunk-like aroma and taste. To remedy this, brewers added additional hops which preserved the beer for its long journey and also enhanced its taste.

3. Stouts and Porters

Stouts and porters are two varieties of dark beer that pack a punch. These thick, high alcohol dark beers are best for a cold night around the fire. These beers are filling and are best left for more experienced drinkers.

The main difference between a stout and a porter is the type of malt used in the fermentation process. Besides that, they are very similar types of beer.

4. Sours Are One of the Best Types of Beer

Sours are one of the more unique types of beers available to the modern consumer. They are characterized by their distinctly sour taste hence their name.

This taste is provided by unique yeasts that alter their fermentation process. Pucker up and give a sour beer a try, but be aware this unique fruit-filled beer is not for everyone.

Keep Expanding Your Palate

The only way to expand your palate is to try all the different best types of beer. Now that you know four great ones to start with, all you have to do is find out where to try beer near you.

Use the information in this guide to help direct your beer-drinking preferences to find the best types of beer for you. To keep informed about other related subjects, check out our blog!

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