4 Boating Safety Tips to Keep In Mind This Winter Season

4 Boating Safety Tips to Keep In Mind This Winter Season

Although fall is just beginning, it won’t be long until the winter winds blow and the weather is frightful outside. For many avid boaters, that means looking into winter boat storage.

For you, that might mean preparing your boat for the winter and even doing a little winter boating now and again. It’s important to note that while boating safety tips need to be kept in mind no matter what season it is, there are a few winter boating safety tips that you need to follow as well. We’ll go into a few of those winter boating tips below.

  1. Maintain Your Boat and Dock

The cold weather can drain boat batteries in winter and affect your dock as well. For the dock, you’ll need to invest in a high-quality dock de-icer to ensure everything is in tip-top shape.

The cold weather can drain the battery on your boat or even cause your lines and plumbing to freeze and crack if water is left in them. This could easily lead to danger, as your boat could take on water when you take it out. So maintaining your boat and dock are the first tips to keep in mind as winter approaches.

  1. Always Wear a Life Jacket

While it’s essential to wear a lifejacket no matter the season, it’s vital in the winter months. Taking a dive into cold water can cause a person to gasp, which draws water into your lungs.

You have a very limited time to get out of the water in the winter before you become disoriented and chilled. If you have a life jacket on, your chances of floating until help arrives increase.

  1. Bundle Against Cold Winds

Whether you’re out in the ocean or on a lake, it’s impossible to protect yourself from the buffeting winds in these open areas. In addition, since you’ll be operating your boat at high speeds, the wind chill factor needs to be considered also.

Dress in modern fabrics, wool, and down jackets to protect against the wind. The clothes you choose should be lightweight, water-resistant, warm, and able to dry quickly.

Make sure to add a beanie or ski mask to keep your face and head warm before heading out on your boat for a winter ride.

  1. Communication Devices

While everyone has a cellphone these days, and you should undoubtedly take yours with you, it’s possible you won’t be able to get a signal on the open water.

You need another form of communications device if there’s no signal and you need help. For example, a high-quality GPS and a marine VHS radio could come in handy and might very well save your life. The last thing you want is to be stranded on the water in the dead of winter with no way to contact someone for help.

Winter Boating Tips Keep You Safe! 

These are just a few winter boating tips to keep you safe out on the water. While you need to follow safety tips during every season, winter can be deadly if you don’t bundle up and follow the tips above.

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