4 Reasons You Should Play Disc Golf

Disc golf is growing in popularity in the US and worldwide. Today, there are around 12,000 disc golf courses across the globe, with more popping up all the time.

While it’s not one of the most popular sports out there, the number of people discovering disc golf and trying it for the first time is growing daily.

Are you interested in trying a new sport? Are you looking for a fun, casual outdoor activity that you can enjoy on your own or with friends?

Keep reading below to learn why you should play disc golf today, and make it part of your weekly routine.

1. Disc Golf Gets You Outdoors

One of the biggest benefits of playing disc golf is getting outdoors. Unlike golf, tennis, or even soccer, which can all take place indoors, disc golf is only possible outside in expansive green areas like public parks.

Countless studies show that the more time people spend outdoors, particularly in natural, green environments, the healthier they are.

This goes for physical and mental health. More time outdoors provides exposure to sunlight, which supplies vitamin D.

It allows you to breathe fresh air and experience higher quality sleep. And it can be a great way to stave off depression and anxiety and experience higher levels of joy and contentment.

2. Burn Calories on the Disc Golf Course

Disc golf courses and golf courses have a lot in common. But one of the most obvious differences is that there aren’t any carts on disc golf courses.

That means you’re walking the entire time, which is a great way to burn calories. Many people consider disc golf as hiking through the woods, but more fun.

3. Play Disc Golf With Friends

Disc golf is a calm and casual sport. Most of your time is spent walking. This makes it great for conversation and connecting with friends, or making new ones.

Depending on the rules of the course you are playing on, you might even bring beer along with you.

Disc golf is a much more social sport than many others, like tennis or team sports, where you’re huffing and puffing the whole time. It’s a great way for a group of friends to connect without sitting around on the couch or at a bar.

4. Enjoy a Fun Challenge

You don’t have to be good to enjoy a game of disc golf. But after one game, you’ll desire to be better.

When disc golf becomes one of your hobbies, you’ll spend time practicing, learning new techniques, and bettering yourself. It becomes a healthy challenge, which can lead to self-improvement, great mental and physical awareness, and greater levels of motivation in every area of life.

Looking to embark on this new adventure? There are only a few disc golf supplies you need to get started. Check out for all your disc golf gear needs so you can start playing today.

Start Playing Disc Golf Today

So why should you play disc golf? It’s fun, it’s casual, it gets you outside, helps you burn calories, and helps you connect with others.

It’s the hidden gem of outdoor sports and hobbies, so it’s no wonder why this sport is rapidly rising in popularity.

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