4 Reasons You’re Suffering from Tailbone Pain

4 Reasons You're Suffering from Tailbone Pain

So many people today are dealing with different types of pain. Some are worse than others, but when the pain is in your tailbone, it has the potential to be downright excruciating. This pain can linger indefinitely, to the point that you don’t even remember when it began.

Use these tips to understand the reasons that you might be dealing with tailbone pain.

1. You’re Not at a Healthy Weight

Obesity is the root cause of a number of pain problems, and tailbone pain is no different. No  matter what, carrying too much unhealthy weight places a burden on your musculoskeletal system.

This can lead to undue pressure on your nail bone, in addition to damage and actual injuries.

2. You Sit Down Too Much or Don’t Have Adequate Seating

It’s also possible that you simply sit down too much. In fact, you wouldn’t be alone. Roughly 25% of people say that they sit down for at least 8 hours each day.

While this seems like no big deal, your body wasn’t designed to be sedentary. This inactivity and constant pressure on your tailbone and spine will keep being compounded the more that you sit.

Not only does this lead to butt pain, but it also compresses your spine and causes swelling and inflammation near the tailbone.

Aside from the frequency that you’re sitting down, you need to also consider the setup. Always use chairs that give you plenty of lumbar support so that the pressure is evenly distributed.

This will make your sitting more comfortable and will protect your long-term physical health.

3. An Injury Occurred

You will also feel tailbone pain if you happened to have suffered an injury. Perhaps you suffered a broken tailbone or another butt injury that caused some trauma to the bone.

If you’ve ever had a bad fall, it’s very possible that you might have suffered a tailbone injury. Whether you suffered a fracture, torn ligaments, or an issue with your lower back, these issues can easily compound and create issues with your tailbone.

4. The Bone is Overgrown

Many people deal with bone spurs, which can also be a root cause of your tailbone pain issues. A bone spur is an overgrown bone. These bones grow out further than the corresponding side, creating unevenness and pain.

This will often require some sort of surgery, in addition to some recovery time to allow the bone to heal.

Get to the Root of Your Tailbone Pain

Tailbone pain always has a reason that you can check into. If you’ve experienced tailbone pain of any kind, you know that it can be troublesome to the point of feeling excruciating.

The good news is that once you diagnose the root cause of your tailbone pain, it makes it easier for you to then get the treatment and recovery that you need. Consider these tips and make sure you always advocate for your health and medical care.

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