4 Tips to Help Keep Your Pet Safe and Comfortable while on Vacation

4 Tips to Help Keep Your Pet Safe

Pets are part of the family and their comfort is paramount for all pet owners. Pets can feel stress and sometimes experience even synchronized levels of anxiety and emotions with their owners.

As summer is approaching, vacations are on the cards for most of us, but what does that mean for us and our pets; more stress, or a vacation partner. Read below as we try to help you alleviate any stress caused to your pet while on a vacation.

Leave your pet in safe hands

Sometimes, bringing a pet along for a vacation is simply impossible, but leaving the furry friend alone is out of the question. If you have a family member that has a strong bond with your pet and wants to take over the pet caring duties, then you are in luck as this is the best option. Be sure to provide your family member with a list of what your pet’s routine usually looks like – feeding time, playtime, etc.

Hiring a pet sitter is also an option. Pet sitters are professionals and you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about your pet. It’s always a good idea to schedule a few appointments with the pet sitter before leaving so that your pet forms a proper bond and doesn’t feel threatened.

The greatest advantage of leaving your pet at home is that it will be in familiar surroundings, but, if a family member isn’t available to look after the pet, bear in mind that professional pet sitters can be a bit pricy.

Think of the accommodation beforehand

Embarking on a journey and booking a place only to find out that it doesn’t allow pets can be infuriating. In addition to that, drastic changes can cause anxiety for your pet. Aim to find an accommodation that provides comfort and quality of life and makes you feel as if you are still within the walls of your home. Regardless of the destination, studio apartments in Miami, San Francisco, and L.A. that allow pets are readily available and are a great fit for your furry, feathered, or scaly friend.

Different means of transport, different preparations

Before leaving, make sure that you have all the required documentation and vaccination certificates required i.e. rabies vaccination certificate. Read below for tips depending on the means of transport.

Traveling by car

Traveling by car is by far the best option when you are bringing your pet along. Of course, your pet must be restrained in a pet carrier. By keeping your pet in a carrier you also protect them from airbags as they can be deadly to pets if triggered. It’s a good idea to get your pet comfortable with spending time in the carrier beforehand as you don’t want to wait until the last minute to force your pet to stay there for the duration of the trip.

Pack essentials like water, food, and some of your pet’s toys. Feed your pet at the usual time but try to make the meals a bit lighter as you don’t want to cause stomach trouble for your pet while on the road.

Traveling by plane

Bringing your furry friend that has short nasal passages on a flight can be very complicated as heat strokes and oxygen problems might occur. Ask the airline company beforehand about the type of pet carrier you need to bring and whether they allow pets to be in the cabin with you for the duration of the flight, usually, this is possible for smaller animals.

Don’t forget to visit a vet so that a health certificate is issued. The health certificate for your pet should not be older than 10 days.

Traveling by plane

Don’t forget the microchip

Losing a pet while on vacation can be heartbreaking. Microchips help find lost animals with ease as their location is trackable. These chips are placed under the skin of your pet cat or dog and rarely cause any side effects.

If a microchip isn’t an option, make sure that you provide contact information on their tags so that you can be reached.

Final Thoughts

Planning vacations while owning a pet can be very stressful for both parties. Taking a trip should be all about relaxing and not having a care in the world, so go over our tips and make things easier for you and your pet to have a vacation to remember.

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