4 Top Reasons to Visit Los Angeles this Summer

4 Top Reasons to Visit Los Angeles this Summer

Los Angeles boasts a vibrant, bustling city with clusters of tall and skinny palm trees everywhere you turn

A world-famous city that is also one of the most traveled to in the entire U.S., Los Angeles is perhaps best known for being the home of many famous Hollywood actors and actresses. It also plays host to a wealth of lucrative American movie studios such as Paramount, Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros, Universal and more. Here, visitors can take a stroll on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, remembering the rich and famous by their engraved golden star.

Although L.A. is a hot spot for film fans, it also offers a variety of other exciting things to do, each diverse and different in nature. Whether you’re a beach buff, dedicated sports fan, shopaholic or outdoor lover, the City of Angels has it all. You can also enjoy whale watching Los Angeles and explore other marine adventures. Here are four reasons to stop by.

The Beaches

L.A.’s selection of gorgeous coastal towns makes it a perfect summer destination for any traveler. From Malibu to Santa Monica, Huntington and Venice, its beaches boast immaculate mountain views, exciting piers, and stunning blue waters. Cove-style beach options like Big Rock, Escondido, and Malaga Cove provide a more secluded experience, while larger sandy areas like Santa Monica offer a bigger space to lay down your towel out and soak up some rays. Once you’ve had enough of the sun, L.A.’s popular water sports like surfing, sailing and kite boarding will quickly cool you off.

The Sports

Speaking of sports, La-La Land is also well-known for being a great destination for sports fans. The city has accumulated many major franchises over the years, from the Lakers to the Clippers, the Anaheim Ducks to the Kings, and most recently, the NFL Raiders. Some of the most important and successful teams call L.A. home. Not to mention the city is also the proud territory of reigning baseball champions, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Another perfect summer activity is going to see them play at Dodger Stadium, the biggest baseball stadium in the U.S. with a jaw-dropping capacity of 56,000. Visitors can catch regular season games all the way up until the playoffs begin in early October. In fact, according to expert World Series winner betting odds, the Dodgers are favored to take home yet another Commissioner’s Trophy this year. With such a successful team playing right outside the heart of the city, there is clearly no better time of year to watch all the action live in a world-famous sports venue.

4 Top Reasons to Visit Los Angeles this Summer

A bird’s eye view of Dodger Stadium, the largest baseball park in America

The Shopping

A trip to L.A. would not be complete without a summer stroll down one of the most famous shopping streets in the world, Rodeo Drive. The holy grail of all things “fancy,” your budget may not allow you to drop the big bucks on major designers Armani, Tom Ford and Versace, but it’s still fun to walk around and peek through the windows. After all, Beverly Hills has been an epicenter for glamour and luxury for decades. For some more affordable shopping, be sure to check out the Three Street Promenade, Santa Monica’s Main Street and the Citadel Outlets.

The Hiking

If you’re not one for browsing clothes racks and shuffling through designer purses, not to worry. In addition to its ballpark matchups and glorious coastline, L.A. also happens to have some of the best hiking routes in the Western U.S. Just a bit outside of the city you will find some great parks, trails and unique natural areas like Bryson Canyon, Griffith Park, Echo Mountain and more. Some of these are also incredible lookout spots that provide panoramic views of the Hollywood sign and city below.

So, there you have it. Although there are countless reasons to visit Los Angeles, these four highlight different things every type of traveler can be excited about. Especially seeing as California is one of the highest-rated U.S. states with one of the best climates in the world, there is truly no better summer destination for the eager tourist.

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