4 Unusual ideas for a summer vacation trip

4 Unusual ideas for a summer vacation trip

Summer is in full swing, which means that the holiday season has finally come. However, if you are bored of lying on the beach or camping in the countryside with your family, we suggest that you diversify your vacation a little and try something new this time. That is the reason we want to offer you 5 ideas on how to spend your summer holidays in an unusual way!

  1. Road trip

If you are looking forward to a chip but full of fun trip, then do not waste your time grabe the car keys and hit the road! A trip by car has many advantages, firstly it gives a freedom of movement and mobility, secondly, with the opportunity to go around more interesting locations you can visit non-tourist places and spontaneously change the route, which will make your trip even more exciting. Fortunately, now you don’t have to have your own car to go on a road trip abroad. Car rental services are becoming very popular due to the convenience and comfort they provide you with. So for instance, you can rent not only an SUV for off-road trips, but also a luxurious sports car to race on highways. In the UAE, you can try both options, by using car rental services that have a great variety of cars to choose from. The list of car models includes sedans, copus, convertible cars and even VANs. Another advantage is their low prices, to prove it you can find out the porsche cayenne price in UAE by visiting the site and book it in less than 10 minutes. Such a ride in a sports car with the best views of the city will bring you lots of memories for sure.

  1. Volunteering

This is a great way to combine business with pleasure and visit the country you have always dreamed of and at the same time do a good deed. There are several options,you can go to international volunteer camps, where people from different countries of any age are engaged in an easy task together exploring the surroundings or try yourself as a teacher at school for children in Africa and India. For pet lovers there are a bunch of animal nurseries that need help and care, ranging from pandas in China to elephants in Malaysia.

  1. Yacht trip

A few weeks spent on a yacht in the middle of the sea or ocean will definitely give you unforgettable impressions and vivid emotions. This season, yacht tours with training and regattas are one of the most popular holiday destinations for tourists. By contacting the school directly via the internet or by contacting one of the agencies you can sign up for courses. Another option is to rent a yacht with a professional captain with your friends or family and enjoy the view of the sea.

  1. Retreat

Even if it seems that retreat is a new type of recreation that has been actively promoted on instagram, it’s not true, they existed in different forms for hundreds years. The word itself means a solitary pastime dedicated to oneself, restoring one’s mental and emotional strength. Meditation practice is most often taught at collective retreats. Some retreats are conducted in silence, while others are accompanied by intense communication, depending on the spiritual practices. The main condition for such a holiday is a minimum number of distracting things, such as a phone or the Internet. This is a perfect way to recharge and take a break from the hustle and bustle.

For now, when you feel that it’s the time to try some activity in your vacation time, there are plenty of variants to choose from. Enjoy your trip and have fun!

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