4 Ways to Make Your Wedding Bouquet Last Forever

4 Ways to Make Your Wedding Bouquet Last Forever

The wedding bouquet holds a special place in your heart. Isn’t it? That’s why it is heartbreaking to see the flowers fade away into nothing and finally end up in the trash can. Those months of careful planning, finding the best florist, and doing extreme budgeting to get the best wedding rose bouquet going down the drain. But does it have to end like this? No! You can preserve your wedding bouquet. It is garnering traction, and you can do it as well to relive your wedding memories every day. How? With these preservation tricks!

Trick 1: Dried bouquet for your wedding

One of the simplest preservation techniques for your bouquet is to dry them and preserve them. It doesn’t require any special skills or equipment, and you can complete this at home without much help. With this technique, you can preserve the entire arrangement. Keep in mind that its colours will fade slightly, and they might shrink as well. To do:

  • Firstly, remove anything that is broken or starts rotting away.
  • You need a strip of string, yarn, or twine to tie the flowers together. Put them around the stems, or you can use a rubber band around these stems and use the strings next. In this process, your stems also don’t shrink.
  • Now, find a dark and dry spot, hang them upside down. Make sure no one disturbs the flowers.
  • It takes around a week or two or even a month for the flowers to dry out. Don’t touch them till they dry out completely.
  • Once it dries completely, you can store it in a vase or a decorative glass box.

Trick 2: Get an everlasting bouquet

Using an everlasting rose bouquet can help you preserve your wedding flowers for a long time. Everlasting roses use a technique that preserves the roses, their fragrance, and texture for a long time. So, get a romantic rose bouquet for your wedding, and then you can keep it and the memories safe.

Trick 3: Press the flowers

For pressing the flowers, you should select as many flowers as you want. You can even get an entire bouquet to preserve it. Now, follow these steps:

  • After selecting the flowers, take out a clean wax paper, and you can spread them out evenly. At this stage, you should arrange the flowers as you like because after you press them, that will not be possible.
  • Then, get a heavy book, like a textbook, and lay the paper which has the flowers inside the heavy book. Take another wax paper, and put it over the flowers, which are inside the book. Shut your book and let it press the flowers.
  • To put more pressure on the book, use a vase or anything heavy to press it down. Leave it as it is for at least seven to ten days.
  • After ten days, take the dry and flat papers out and arrange them in a frame.
  • Tip: Take help from a reasonable professional for pressing down the flower. It will ensure that you don’t end up making any mistakes.

Trick 4: Use Silica Gel to submerge the flowers

Silica gel is porous sand that absorbs water and helps dry the flowers, it can take up to seven days. With the help of Silica Gel, you can preserve them, and they will look closer to how your wedding bouquet was looking on the actual wedding day. To do this:

  • Get a silica gel, it will not cost you much.
  • Then pour it gently over the petals without compromising its shape. The petals should be in a container, and you need to keep filling it with silica gel till it’s full. Then, seal the container, which should be airtight, and seal it with a lid.
  • After a week, remove your flowers from the container carefully and spray them using hairspray or fixative spray. It will also keep the colour intact.

Preserving your wedding flower is important for you, and you need to plan for it ahead. Don’t start thinking about it a day before the wedding. Like everything else, work with an expert to get everything under control. Moreover, change the wedding bouquet toss or skip it altogether, whichever works for you. The wedding bouquet is a beautiful reminder of your wedding, and preserving it is something doable.

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