4 Ways to Unleash Your Clitoral Orgasms!

Did you know that between 70% to 90% of women don’t experience vaginal orgasms? Yes, we know the percentage is staggeringly high. Thankfully, there’s the clitoris to help you salvage your sexuality. In fact, most women agree that clitoral orgasms are more powerful and enjoyable than vaginal orgasms!

As a woman, you surely know how to press and rub the happy button. But why stick to only one action when there are plenty more to choose from?

In this post, we’re about to blow your mind with some unique clitoral stimulation techniques that you’ve never tried before. If you haven’t yet, we highly recommend investing in clitoral stimulators for added pleasure. A toy can not only enhance your solo sessions but also spice things up with your partner!

Ways to Stimulate Your Clit You’ve Never Tried Before

All female mammals have a clitoris, and it’s the powerhouse of pleasure if you know how to get it going. Interestingly, every clitoris is different, and they respond to different strokes and pressure. If you’ve only been using a single technique, you might be missing out on some serious toe-curling action!

Luckily, we’re here to help.

Start with Edging

Edging is an age-old technique that builds up the climax intensely. Although it’s mostly associated with male orgasms, it works like a charm for females too! If you’ve never tried it before, edge your clitoris before the big showdown. The trick is simple. Stop stimulating right before you think you’re about to explode.

Try Pressure

Sure, rubbing is the fastest way to get there. But wouldn’t it be better if the sensation lasted longer? Putting pressure on your clitoris and changing the way you do it often leads to new sensations that you never knew existed!

Invest in a Good Toy

The clitoris is right there under the hood. It’s easy to access with bare hands. Why would you spend money on a toy, right?


In recent years, the sex toy industry has seen a massive boom because people all over the world are realizing their potential. A good quality vibrator or clitoral stimulator can be life-changing for many.

Use the Shower Head

Movies glorify this for a reason. It works! The next time you’re in the shower, use the shower head to spray water directly on your clitoris. You’d be amazed at how awesome it feels. The added bonus is that you can clean up right after!

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