4WD Tyres: Choose the Best One!

Did you realise that 4WDs are among Australia’s most popular types of new cars being purchased? 4WDs available in many sizes and can be used for various purposes (and can be a lot more fun!). So, how much time did you think to spend off-road with your 4WD when selecting the correct tyres? You’ll be left to ponder that for a while as you go over the three types of 4WD tyres and their respective applications.

When it’s about power and performance, proper sports vehicles are in a league of their own. Even though semi SUVs are the rage right now, they aren’t built for off-roading abuse. While car tyres can be used in most instances, special tyres are needed for SUVs equipped with 4×4 differentials, just like hiking boots.

90% Road, 10% Off the Road: Highway Terrains (HT)

When you use your primarily 4wd on roads and just occasionally off-road, you need Highway Terrain tyres.

Even if you can’t go off-road with these tyres, that doesn’t imply they are less capable of handling off-road conditions. It means that they aren’t as good at handling sand and mud as some other types of tyres. And among the advantages of highway traction tyres are:

  • Consistently pleasurable transportation.
  • Longevity on the road and road handling at high speed.
  • Reduce the volume of background noise.
  • As previously said, they are the tires to choose from if you plan to travel off-road for a short time.
  • At least 60% of the route will be on roads, and the rest will be off streets.

All-Terrain Tyres

AT tyres are designed primarily for on-road use, with some light off-road activities thrown in for good measure. For 4WD tyres, all terrains are a good all-arounder (excuse the tyred pun). So, an all-terrain tyre has the following advantages:

  • Versatility: May be used on any surface, from asphalt to mud.
  • Resilient: Unsealed surface traction is enhanced by the tread pattern’s inclusion of extra voids.

It is common for 4WD owners to choose all-terrain tyres if they use their vehicle on both and off the road. Some mild four-wheel driving can be done on dirt roads, but they also have enough grip and ride quality for regular travel.

All-terrain tyres come in various styles, from more road-oriented to the most extreme all-terrain models. Meanwhile, tyres better suited for everyday driving will have characteristics that make it better for the road, while those better suited for the track will be better suited for the way.

15% road and 85% Off-Road Terrain: Mud Terrain Tyres

Mud terrain tyre is ideal for “Weekend Warriors”. People who want to spend at least 80% of their time off-roading in their 4WD should choose these tyres, characterised by broad and chunky tread patterns. As such, mud terrain tyres advantages are as follows:

  • It makes it easier for dirt and muck to move through.
  • Due to the tread pattern’s open design and vast size, it provides excellent traction.
  • The vehicle can cope with challenging off-road driving situations, including high terrains and many muck!

That said, mud terrain tyres aren’t meant to be driven on the open road, and they’re also extremely noisy (although some muddy are bucking on this trend). Since they have a wide tread pattern, their traction on blacktop can be reduced as they have lesser contact with the ground. Hence, mud terrain tyres may be the correct choice for you if you frequently drive over sand, loose sand, steep terrain, and, of course, mud.

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