5 App Categories that will create a huge impact in the post-covid world

5 App Categories that will create a huge impact in the post-covid world

We do not know how long the COVID pandemic’s effects will last. This is why many firms are preparing for a new normal. Businesses that are adaptable and inventive develop stronger than others.

While businesses such as hospitality, retail, and travel will take time to normalize, a few areas such as work-from-home opportunities, gaming, video streaming, and eCommerce have emerged as instant saviors during this new average age. And in the current market scenario, leveraging mobile app development services has become critical to run a successful business.

Everything possible online is becoming digital. Meanwhile, mobile apps are becoming increasingly profitable and famous, but they also play a significant role in assisting individuals in maintaining social distance and remaining safe during this pandemic.

1. Healthcare Apps

Healthcare apps have provided salvation for people deeply concerned about their health, given the current political climate. Today, with few individuals being required to participate in physically strenuous activities, healthcare apps like exercise and meditation apps and medical care and mental health applications help keep individuals both physically and mentally well.

Patients can consult the world’s greatest doctors for online consultations on their medical issues to better understand their well-being and keep themselves from suffering from severe anxiety. With the rising popularity of healthcare mobile apps, there are some healthcare app development privacy concerns due to the sensitive nature of personal health information. This is why, developers ensure that appropriate security measures are implemented to protect data from unauthorized access, and loss,. This includes encryption, secure transmission protocols, and secure storage practices.

2. Grocery Apps

Nobody can exist in the absence of groceries. As a result, supermarket apps are among the most successful app categories on our list during the pandemic. People are fearful of contracting the illness and are so unwilling to leave their homes for grocery shopping.

Grocery apps come into play here. These apps keep up with the increase in demand and feed the people in the safest manner possible. The most popular grocery applications, such as H-E-B, Target, Shipt, Instacart, and Walmart, saw a surge in downloads during this global crisis.

Grocery applications have undergone a dramatic metamorphosis, from being a rare alternative to becoming an absolute necessity during the pandemic.

3. Entertainment Apps

Providing people with engaging entertainment apps helps them cut down on their ennui. From a mobile entertainment standpoint, there was a spike during this epidemic of apps like Scrabble GO, IMDb, Snapchat, Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube, HBO Now, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. While immersing themselves in an interactive gaming application, kids get involved and have fun while they’re doing it.

It’s also an everyday activity for adults to participate in news applications to keep up with worldwide developments. More people are intrigued and concerned about current global events; therefore, news applications like Google News, BBC News, CNN, etc., became more popular.

To better comprehend how the globe responds to this catastrophe, they wish to learn about preventive measures. They are interested in determining what government and healthcare agencies are requesting of them.

4. e-Learning Apps

Not only did lockdown encourage students to use Internet resources, but it also inspired many people to try to succeed at new abilities as a way to pass the time.

For example, popular online language learning apps such as Duolingo saw a 148& increase in enrollment in March 2020 in the United States while Udemy witnessed a rise in such numbers by 425%.

Developing e-learning applications can prove one of the highly sought-after mobile app development ideas for your business that do not remain limited to schooling. You’ll discover anything from language acquisition apps such as Duolingo and Babbel to other course applications such as Udemy.

According to research, worldwide usage of Duolingo increased by 101 percent. Compared to previous users, new learners devote 13% more time to their education, including weekends.

Customers are using their time to develop valuable and enjoyable new abilities in various sectors, from technology to the arts. As a result, the applications that enabled it will survive and thrive.

5. Food Delivery Apps

Numerous cafés and restaurants struggled to fill takeout orders to continue operating after continually shutting their doors during the lockdown. Certain meal delivery services, like UberEATS, waived delivery fees for independent eateries to assist them in remaining open throughout the epidemic.

As a result of the epidemic, the food delivery app business reached $45 billion in 2020, up from $41 billion in 2021, according to Morgan Stanley, an investment banking business. The current crisis has accelerated an already-accelerating trend, and meal delivery is now poised to account for 21% of the restaurant sector by 2025.

Wrapping Up

Users are spending more time on mobile applications for various reasons, from managing wealth and success to learning new skills. An application that assists people in preserving social distance has a greater chance of thriving shortly.

Consumers will continue to connect with, purchase from, and remain informed about diverse product verticals and brands, from eCommerce and health & wellness to education and entertainment. Mobile brand awareness is at an all-time high, and the possibility for growth has never been greater for brands, marketers, and affiliates.

It is an ideal moment for novel notions, well-executed visions, and avant-garde creativity. Therefore, if you have an app concept, now is the time to make it a reality!

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