5 Benefits of Team Augmentation

These days it’s getting harder and harder for companies to find highly-skilled employees.

Certain skills are in very high demand, and one of the most important things a business needs to grow is the right talent. When your business is looking for someone with particular skills but on a short-term basis, you can use team nearshore staff augmentation.

For five key benefits of team augmentation, keep reading.

1. Scalability

Scaling a business in terms of staffing isn’t easy. This means that things can be difficult when a business experiences a shift in performance. Because of this, some companies may end up having to let go of some of their employees when things aren’t going well.

A good staff augmentation arrangement can allow a company to increase flexibility. When things are busy you can scale up to meet needs, and then scale down again when the extra workers aren’t needed.

2. Short-Term but Highly-Skilled

If you routinely take on different kinds of business projects, you probably have a skilled team that can handle most situations. Even so, from time to time you might come across a project that requires some very specific skills that none of your employees have.

In such a situation you can augment your team with employees who do have the necessary skill set for the duration of that project. This is much easier than searching for qualified staff who you then might not need once that project is finished.

3. Reduced Costs

Without the use of staffing augmentation, you might find yourself taking on highly skilled staff when you only need them for short periods. Depending on the skill level of these individuals their salaries could be quite high.

If you take people on board through staff augmentation you will only be working with them for as long as is needed, so you won’t pay for their work for any longer than you need to. This will help you save on employment costs, and can reduce things like taxes and insurance.

4. Efficiency

The savings generated by staff augmentation will help keep fixed costs down. Reducing costs while increasing efficiency is beneficial for any company.

On top of this, as you take on different projects that require specific skills, you can bring in people who are perfect for the job as and when they’re needed. This will help you get things done in good time and keep things running smoothly.

5. Staying Ahead of the Competition

Not all businesses take advantage of things like staff augmentation, and by doing so you’ll have an edge over your competitors. IT augmentation works in a similar way. Using things like Microsoft Azure DevOps Services will give your company a boost that others won’t have.

Do You Need Team Augmentation?

Team augmentation isn’t necessary for all businesses. If your work is routinely the same then your permanent staff should have no trouble handling things. If, however, you tend to take on varying projects that call for special skills then staff augmentation is one of the best ways to get things done.

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