5 Best High paying career options you can consider

5 Best High paying career options you can consider

Choosing the right career option is a very daunting task? Unfortunately, most people choose careers depending on the pay they would receive. I agree that money is vital, but don’t forget that your happiness and contentment are equally important.

So, find jobs that are interesting to you to avoid being frustrated and dissatisfied. I’m here to assist you in selecting a suitable job path that will enable you to supplement your income. So, consider your interest in these jobs and make your decision accordingly.

So far, health care has accounted for nearly four out of ten of the highest-paying jobs. As a result, jobs in the healthcare field are in high demand and pay well.

I have compiled a list of high paying jobs in Australia based on average taxable income:

The five best high paying career options are:

1. Surgeon:

Surgeons are the medical specialists who consult, examine, and operate on patients suffering from disease, injury, or deformity. This average income varies based on the kind of surgeon and the type of surgeries you do, expertise and qualifications significantly impact the salary of the medical specialist. Neurosurgeons are the highest paid with an average salary of $6037.


  • Complete a six-year Bachelor of Medical Studies programme to get an approved medical degree.
  • Then pursue a Doctor of Medicine degree, which typically takes four years to complete.
  • Take a one-year internship.
  • As a resident, you must complete 1-2 years of training.
  • For a specific specialization, apply to the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) for Surgical Education and Training (SET).
  • You will become a Member of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons after finishing your specialized training.
  • You’re now a surgeon.
  1. Anesthetists:

Anesthetists are doctors who deliver anesthetics and analgesics to patients during or before surgery. Anesthetists assist physicians and surgeons in carrying out invasive procedures in a pain-free manner.

These practitioners deal with decisions and manage the patient’s medical history, critical functions, and anesthesia. The working hours of an anesthetist are quite demanding, and they are frequently determined by the surgery, which can be lengthy and unexpected.

Anesthetics are used in almost all surgeries, from routine to emergency procedures such as trauma and childbirth.


  • A bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and physics is required to be an anesthetist.
  • Complete an accredited medical degree at the university.
  • Go for an internship at a clinical setting for 1 year.
  • Complete a residency over 1 or more years.
  • Apply for the fellowship of the Australian and Newzealand college of Anesthetist Fanza vocational training program which takes 5 years to complete.
  • After finishing FANZA you are called a professional Anesthetist.
  1. Cosmetic Nurse:

A cosmetic nurse works with non-invasive procedures such as cosmetic injectables, lasers, and body sculpting. This is a prominent nursing career choice.

Cosmetic nurses are in higher demand in Australia as the number of cosmetic clinics grows. Cosmetic nursing is very distinct from regular nursing, therefore you can do the program if it interests you.

Cosmetic nurses are typically responsible for cosmetic injectable procedures, dermal therapies, supporting the cosmetic physician, skin examination, analysis, and administration.


  • Complete your bachelor’s degree in nursing.
  • AHPRA registration is required.
  • Obtain hands-on experience.
  • Finish your education in Cosmetic nursing and injectables graduate diploma.
  • Work part-time or full-time in a cosmetic clinic according to your availability.
  • Finish CPD to your new scope and maintain nursing registration with AHPRA.

To know more about cosmetic nurse training, visit This institute specializes in providing training that not only gives you theoretical knowledge of the subject but also hands-on experience.

4.Attorney at law:  

A lawyer’s job includes defending or pleading the court for your client in court cases or other legal matters. To work as a lawyer, one must have a thorough understanding of legal procedures and be familiar with all the laws established by the constitution and a law degree.

Steps to become a lawyer:

  • Earn your LLB bachelor’s degree.
  • Pass the law school admissions exam.
  • List out the law schools once you qualify for the entrance test and complete their admission application process.
  • Practice legal training.
  • You must pass the BAR test and get into the Bar Readers course.
  • You’re now a Barrister.
  1. Software Development Manager:

A software development manager guides a team in developing, testing, and optimizing software systems. In addition, they keep track of applications, troubleshoot problems, and analyze trends.

They also make business decisions on what features to include in an existing or new product.


A bachelor’s degree is required for the position of software development manager. Consider getting a computer science or information technology degree.

Project management, data loss recovery, user interface, computer languages, and cryptography are covered in your bachelor’s degree.


A single blunder in picking the wrong career can be extremely devastating. This can be a tedious task because you have to start over and learn new abilities if you choose the wrong path. As a result, it would be ideal if you could make a good decision while the situation is in your hands.

Healthcare occupations pay well, but they also need a lot of effort and time to complete your education and training to enter the field. If you don’t feel you belong in the medical area, you can pursue a technical or management career, both of which also pay well.

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